June 22, 2005

Minutes of the Public Session

  1. Chairman Kendall called the meeting of the University System of Maryland Board of Regents to order at 8:38 a.m. on Wednesday, June 22, 2005 at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Those in attendance were: Chairman Kendall; Regents, Florestano, Gill, Houghton, Hug, Johnson, Mandel, Mitchell, Nevins, Pettit, Pevenstein, Riley, Rosapepe and Tydings, Chancellor Kirwan, Vice Chancellors Schwab and Vivona; Ms. Hollander for Vice Chancellor Goldstein; Assistant Attorneys General Goedert and Short; Presidents Boesch, Caret, Dudley-Eshbach, Gira, Hrabowski, Lowe, Ramsay and Thompson; Vice Presidents Allen (UMUC), Porcari, (UMCP), Wiewel (UB), and Reznikov (UMBI), Ms. Ryan, members of the press and others.

  2. President Thelma Thompson of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore formally welcomed Chairman Kendall and the Board of Regents, Chancellor Kirwan, the USM staff, and her fellow Presidents to campus. Dr. Thompson presented a video highlighting programs and events at UMES. She thanked Delegate Bozeman, who was at the meeting, for his support of the University.

  3. Committee of the Whole

    1. Minutes from the April 8, 2005 meeting were unanimously approved.
    2. Chancellor Kirwan expressed his special thanks to Dr. Thompson for hosting the Board of Regents meeting and commended UMES on the excellent accommodations and arrangements for the meetings. Chancellor Kirwan then presented his third Annual Report (copies were distributed and are available on the USM website and in the Chancellor's Office).
    3. Regent Pevenstein read Resolutions of Appreciation for Regents Adela M. Acosta, Jeremy Horine and Joseph Tydings, whose terms end June 30, 2005. Regent Kendall moved, Regent Nevins seconded and the Board unanimously approved the resolutions. Several regents and the Chancellor expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Regent Tydings for his long-term service and commitment to the Board and to the State of Maryland.
    4. Election of Officers - Regent Hug reported on behalf of Tom Finan, Chairman of the Nominating Committee. The committee consisted of: Regents Finan, Hug, Florestano, Pettit, and Mandel. The slate of officers for 2005-2006 is:
    5. Chairman: David H. Nevins

      Vice Chairman: Robert L. Pevenstein

      Secretary: Robert L. Mitchell

      Assistant Secretary: Nina Rodale R. Houghton

      Treasurer: Orlan Johnson

      Assistant Treasurer: Patricia S. Florestano

      Chairman Kendall moved, Regent Rosapepe seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

      Chairman Kendall warmly recognized Regent Nevins as the new Board Chair. Chancellor Kirwan commended Regent Kendall for his service as the Board of Regents Chairman.

    6. Regent Pevenstein read the Resolution in Recognition of Outgoing Chair Cliff Kendall. Regent Nevins moved, Regent Rosapepe seconded, and it was unanimously approved. Several Regents, including incoming Chair Nevins, commended Chairman Kendall for his exemplary service and contribution to the Board of Regents as Chair.
    7. Chairman Kendall expressed his appreciation for the comments and thanked all for their support of him as Board Chair. Chairman Kendall also congratulated Regents Nevins and Pevenstein in their new leadership roles.

    8. Meeting dates for FY 2006 board meetings were proposed. Chairman Kendall moved acceptance, seconded by Regent Mitchell, and they were unanimously approved.

D. Report of the Councils

  1. Dr. Gira spoke on behalf of the presidents. She reiterated the accolades for the outgoing Regents and the appreciation to Chairman Kendall. She commended the cohesiveness and effectiveness of the board committees given. She praised the commitment and dedication of the members of the board. She especially noted the work of the E&E Workgroup, and Chairman Kendall's dedication to that group.

  2. Council of University System Faculty - Dr. Chapin presented the report. He thanked the Board for its promptness in clarifying the Regents policy on tenure and promotion, effective July 1. He asked that the Regents commit to shared governance, particularly in matters of long term planning, E&E, etc. He announced that Martha Siegel will return next year as Chair of CUSF, and Bill Chapin will be Vice Chair.

  3. Council of University System Staff report was presented by Mr. Crockett, who has just completed his term as chair. He presented the CUSS Resolutions of Appreciation (copies on file with the Board minutes in the Office of the Board of Regents).

  4. University System Student Council. Mr. Aragon was not present to read the report, a copy of the USSC report was distributed to the Board members and is on file.

    Chairman Kendall introduced Joel Willcher as the new Student Regent, who will join the Board on July 1.

E. Committee on Education Policy - Regent Florestano,

1. Minutes of June 1, 2005 Meeting.

2. New Academic Program Proposals

The follow Program Proposals were presented by Regent Florestano and moved for approval:

    1. TU: Master of Science in Homeland Security Management and Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Security Assessment.
    2. Regent Mitchell seconded - unanimously approved.

    3. UMCP: Master of Mathematics of Advanced Industrial Technology.
    4. Regent Mitchell seconded - unanimously approved.

    5. UMCP: Bachelor of Science in International Business.
    6. Regent Mitchell seconded - unanimously approved.

    7. UMUC: Master of Science in Health Administration Infomatic.
    8. Regent Johnson seconded - unanimously approved.

    9. Establishment of an Erickson School of Aging Studies at UMBC.
    10. Regent Mitchell seconded - unanimously approved.

      3. Amendment of II-1.00 Policy on Appointment, Rank and Tenure of Faculty to add to the List of Approved Ranks in Section III the Title of "[Institution] Professor. " Regent Florestano explained that this rank is in practice on campuses across the country. It is sometimes called a " Professor of Practice." An individual who is outstanding in his/her field is not paid because he or she has a full-time paying job, but may be desirous of working within an academic setting to contribute to a particular discipline Chancellor Kirwan cited NIST and NIH employees as examples. Regent Florestano moved, Regent Mitchell seconded and it was unanimously approved.

      4. Guidelines on Non-USM Institutions Offering Programs at USM Regional Centers. Regent Florestano moved, Regent Mitchell seconded and it was unanimously approved.

      5. Reorganization of Academic Departments at UMBC - information item.

      6. Update on the Eastern Shore Higher Education Center -information item.

      7. Reports on Academic Advising - information item.

      a. Coppin State University

      b. University of Maryland, Baltimore County

      c. University of Maryland Eastern Shore

      The committee has been reviewing advising programs at all of the degree-granting institutions at its meetings. Regent Florestano commended the institutional representatives for their superb reports and their effective programs.

      8. Campus Crime Reports - information item.

      9. Update on Implementation of Recommendation of Financial Aid Task Force - information item. A report will be coming out at the end of the summer with more detailed information of how the campuses are implementing the task- force's recommendations.

      10. Summary of Program Actions Taken by Chancellor under Delegation of Authority, 2004-2005. Regent Florestano presented the annual report with seven actions this year (report on file).

      F. Committee on Finance - Regent Nevins

      Regent Nevins moved for approval of items 1 and 2 together:

      1. FY 2007 Capital Budget Request and System Priority Listing;

      FY 2007-2011 Capital Improvement Program, and

      FY 2007-2016 Ten Year Capital Plan.

      Regent Nevins stated the only item that the Board is committed to vote on today is the System Priority Listing, the actual request that will go to the Governor's office. The Board will review the items for out-years in the future.

      2. FY 2006 System Funded Construction Program Request

      Regent Nevins moved for approval of agenda items 1 and 2, seconded by Regent Gill and unanimously approved.

      Regent Nevins added that Finance Committee will report back to the Board on the development of a policy to promote private giving in support of capital construction. Secondly, the Committee is working on a proposal to determine how to incorporate deferred maintenance costs into future capital budget requests. Finally, the Finance Committee will appoint a group to review (and possibly make recommendations to improve) the capital budget process.

      Regent Mitchell requested clarification of the System Priority Listing and exactly what items will be sent to the Governor for approval. Regent Nevins stated that all items on the listing will be submitted for approval, the total amount of $172M.

      Regent Nevins asked that a vote be take on items 3 and 4 together.

      3. USM: Technical Amendments to USM Procurement Policies and Procedures

      4. UMCP: Leave for the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force

      Regent Nevins moved, Regent Florestano seconded, and the Board unanimously approved items 3 and 4.

      5. UMUC: Group Tuition- Regent Nevins moved, Regent Pevenstein seconded, and it was unanimously approved.

      6. USM: Quarterly Review of Capital Improvement Projects -information item

      G. Report of the Workgroups

      1. Capital Campaign Work Group - Regent Houghton

      The System is actively gearing up for the Capital Campaign and this fall will be critical in terms of Campaign preparation at each institution. Regent Houghton will give regular briefings to the Board on major gifts received, beginning with the transformational gift to Towson University of $10.2M from the Robert M. Fisher Memorial Foundation, established by Jess and Mildred Fisher.

      The Workgroup and USM Office hosted a series of a development training programs with Marts & Lundy consultant John Cash for the USM leadership, USM Presidents and Vice Presidents for Advancement. Several VP's for Finance and Administration attended as well. Plans are underway for more training programs. In April Regent Gill and Vice Chancellor Schwab visited several individuals at UVA, which is currently preparing for a $3 billion dollar campaign.

      Regent Gill summarized the Capital Campaign activities underway at UVA. He highlighted several items he felt distinguished UVA's efforts:

        • New fundraising model
        • Planned giving focus
        • Customization
        • Volunteer champions (engaging alumni)
        • Cross disciplinary teams
        • Infrastructure - need to become more seamless
        • Board of Visitors UVA totally committed
        • Developing a culture of philanthropy

      2. Effectiveness and Efficiency Work Group Report - Chairman Kendall stated that he would like our state to be a national leader in this area. He said the main focus of the E&E effort has been to reduce the University System cost structure while increasing its quality and value to the citizens of Maryland. The Committee has been committed to the needs of external constituents and to a transparent process open to citizens, employees, oversight agencies and the media. The first E&E Committee meeting was less than two years ago in July of 2003.

      The most recent accomplishment of the group was the report of the Organizational Review Subgroup. The Review was started early this year and completed June 30, 2005. Chairman Kendall asked the Chancellor to give a brief summary of the report. Chancellor Kirwan stated that the subgroup was charged to analyze four "special purpose institutions," those that did not fit the traditional model of four-year degree-granting institutions. They include:

          • UMUC - Several initiatives were proposed to allow UMUC to be more flexible in offering programs overseas and in developing its online programs. All of the initiatives are completed or to be completed in the near future as some items require legislative or government regulatory agency approvals
          • UB - The Board previously approved request to expand UB's mission to include lower division programs. This request is pending approval from MHEC
          • UMBI - Chancellor Kirwan's recommendation to the Board is that UMBI continue to operate at this time as a free-standing institution headed by a President. He is recommending that he work with Presidents Ramsay and Hunter-Cevera over the course of the next several months to decide the appropriate location for IHV.
          • UMCES. The Chancellor recommends that UMCES continue to be a free-standing institution headed by the President.
          • With regard to the two research institutes, the main issue is their financial viability, given the uncertainty of state funding and their inability to generate tuition revenue.

      Chairman Kendall presented a motion to accept the Chancellor's report which the E&E Committee has unanimously approved. It was seconded by Regent Nevins and unanimously approved. Regent Rosapepe stated the conclusion assumes a 3% increase per year in state funding. Regent Rosapepe wanted to emphasize that because, by endorsing this, we are committing ourselves to protecting the research centers. Chancellor Kirwan will present a report to the Board on the progress on the IHV issue.

      Chairman Kendall - The E&E Workgroup is preparing a series of dashboard indicators for each institution. The indicators are based on the themes in the strategic plan. This project will assist the board in managing information and accountability.

      Old Business - Student Misconduct Policy

      Chancellor Kirwan presented the status of the policy revision (copies of the current policy and the proposed revision were distributed at the meeting). Chancellor Kirwan stated that the major change in the redraft of the policy was to include "probation before judgment" as a reason for disciplinary action. There was a discussion by the Board and several Presidents. Following this discussion the policy will be redrafted and presented fur further consideration at a future Board meeting.

      H. The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

      Audiotapes of the meeting are on file in the Office of the Board of Regents