University System of Maryland Board of Regents

September 9, 2005

Minutes of the Public Session

A. Chairman Nevins called the meeting of the University System of Maryland Board of Regents to order at 9:37 a.m. on Friday September 9, 2005 at the University of Maryland University College. Those in attendance were: Chairman Nevins, Regents Florestano, Gill, Houghton, Hug, Johnson, Kelly, Mandel, Mitchell, Pettit, Pevenstein, Riley, Rosapepe, and Willcher; Chancellor Kirwan, Vice Chancellors Goldstein, Schwab and Vivona; Assistant Attorneys' General Goedert and Short; Presidents Battle, Boesch, Bogomolny, Hunter-Cevera and Ramsay; Interim President Allen; institutional representatives Dr. Wylie and Mr. Porcari (UMCP), Mr. Leberknight (TU), Dr. Buchanan (Salisbury), Dr. Johnson (UMBC) Dr. Ramsey (Bowie), and Dr. Holden (UMES); Ms. Ryan, members of the press and others.

Chairman Nevins officially introduced and welcomed new Regents Frank Kelly and Joel Willcher.

B. UMUC Interim President Nick Allen welcomed Regents and others to the meeting. He stated he is honored that he was asked to serve as interim president. Dr. Allen disseminated a UMUC fact sheet outlining "UMUC's Role in Providing Access to Higher Education for Marylanders." (copies on record).

Chairman Nevins thanked Dr. Allen and commended all the system presidents for their extraordinary response to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He then thanked former Board Chairman Cliff Kendall for his work on the Board.

C. Committee of the Whole

  1. Minutes from June 22, 2005 meeting were unanimously approved.
  1. Chancellor Kirwan commented on the terrible disaster of Hurricane Katrina. Many USM institutions have friends and family affected by this tragedy. He mentioned the prompt responses to the hurricane relief effort and help with the recovery process by many of the USM institutions. He stated that all of our institutions have opened their doors in some way to help students from the Gulf region. Two-hundred students have already enrolled in USM institutions and every campus is providing counseling and emotional support for students.

Highlights of Chancellor Kirwan's Report:

    • Chancellor thanked Dr. Allen for taking on the responsibility of Interim President at UMUC.
    • UMUC is offering a new Homeland Security Management Graduate Program.
    • Bowie State University President Calvin Lowe is retiring at the end of the year.
    • Chancellor Kirwan outlined the list of accomplishments at BSU under the direction of Calvin Lowe.
    • Coppin State University received the prestigious EDUCAUSE award for innovation in technology.
    • Frostburg State University's College of Business received a prestigious Coleman Foundation Grant.
    • Towson University is participating in the College Preparation and Intervention Program grant.
    • UMBC received preliminary planning funds for a new Performing Arts & Humanities building.
    • UMBI is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year.
    • UMCES President Don Boesch is celebrating his fifteenth year as president
    • Salisbury was ranked among the top 10% of all universities of its kind in the country according to a U.S. News and World Report.
    • Towson retained its fifth-place ranking in Top Public Universities in Master's in the north, also appearing in a U.S. News and World Report.
    • UMCP is ranked in the top 20 among U.S. public universities, and named number one school in the country for nanotech education and research by Small Times Magazine.

Chancellor Kirwan then discussed the process for developing institutional four-year business plans.

(The Chancellor's PowerPoint is on file with the minutes.)

  1. Discussion: FY 2007 Budget Planning and Institutional Plans

Chairman Nevins emphasized the importance of Chancellor Kirwan's presentation in two important areas -- growth and quality. He stated another key part of this initiative is the continuing E&E efforts.

D. Staff Awards - Chairman Nevins and Chancellor Kirwan presented the following awards:

Extraordinary Public Service to the University or to the Greater Community

Exempt staff: Ruth Baker, Salisbury University

Nonexempt staff: Carolyn Pritchett, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Exceptional Contribution to the Institution and/or Unit

Exempt staff: Sharon Biederman, University of Maryland University College

Nonexempt staff: Dawn Johnson, Salisbury University

Outstanding Service to Students in an Academic or Residential Environment

Exempt staff: Vaughn P. White, Salisbury University

Nonexempt staff: Linda Dalo, University of Maryland, College Park

Chairman Nevins stated that Salisbury is represented in all three categories and congratulated Salisbury for this extraordinary accomplishment. He thanked and congratulated all of the awardees for their contributions, as well as the employees and staff at all USM institutions.

E. Reports of the Councils

1. Council of University System Presidents - President Bogomolny.

Presidents thanked the Regents for their support of the institutional efforts to address the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. At the presidents' recent meeting, Chancellor Kirwan updated presidents on the process for presidential evaluations. There was also a brief discussion of the OCR agreement that terminates at the end of the year. Chairman Nevins stated that the Board will develop a process for more interaction with the presidents at board meetings. President Bogomolny reiterated the importance of enhancing the communication and relationship between the Presidents and Regents.

2. Dr. Siegel presented a report of the Council of University System Faculty. A written report was included with the board materials distributed in advance of the meeting. Dr. Siegel stated that the faculty members care about the quality of our institutions. One thing that indicates that we work well as a System is the E & E process. She expressed some concerns about the Dashboard Indicators. Dr. Siegel stated that the Council is also working with some of their colleagues at the Gulf Coast schools affected by the hurricane.

Regent Kendall responded to Dr. Siegel's comments about the Dashboard project. He said that the subcommittee is working to address her concerns, and that he feels that the project is part of a long-range accountability plan and is a "work in progress."

3. Council of University System Staff - Mr. Hill. A written report was submitted with the board materials distributed in advance of the meeting. Mr. Hill announced the members of the CUSS executive committee. Mr. Hill mentioned the Council's concerns on health care costs. He also outlined three major goals for the year.

4. University System Student Council - Mr. Aragon introduced three students attending the meeting, Otis Dupree, Secretary and Treasurer of the USMSC from BSU, Andrew Rose, Student Government Association President, UMCP and Devin Ellis, Chief of Staff, Student Government Association, UMCP. He announced the first meeting of the Student Council will be this Sunday and Regents are invited to attend any meetings during the year. Regent Florestano asked that a schedule of meetings be distributed.

Regent Willcher thanked Mr. Aragon for being so proactive on behalf of students, and Chairman Nevins encouraged the Student Council to work with (Student) Regent Willcher.

Resolution: Hurricane Katrina Draft #2

Chairman Nevins read the Resolution on Hurricane Katrina. The resolution provides that no affected student be financially disadvantaged in paying for their education; that financial assistance and scholarship support be available; that there be flexibility in bill payment; and that counseling and support be provided.

Chancellor Kirwan stated that the intent of the Resolution is to allow each institution to review students on a case by case basis.

Resolution moved by Regent Hug; seconded by Regent Pettit; unanimously approved.

F. Finance Committee Regent Pevenstein

    1. FY 2007 Budget Process and USM Four-Year Business Plan (information),
    2. Regent Pevenstein stated this is an information item that Chancellor Kirwan addressed in his report to the Board.

    3. University System of Maryland: Twenty-Fifth Bond Resolution (action)
    4. The bonds to be issued total $61.5M for current Capital Projects previously authorized by the Board of Regents. Regent Florestano moved, Regent Finan seconded, unanimously approved.

    5. University of Maryland, College Park: Engineering Fields Project (action).
    6. Regent Pevenstein explained that this item is being considered for formal board approval after it had received advance authority in July because of the time-sensitive nature to preparing the fields for spring 2006 use. It involves two projects, which previously were approved - relocation of student athletic fields and the construction of a new softball field. Regent Florestano moved. Chairman Nevins seconded, unanimously approved.

    7. Bowie State University: Housekeeping Services Contract (action.)
    8. This is a 5-year contract of $7M, which provides a minimum of 45% minority business participation; it replaces an existing contract that was competitively bid. Regent Florestano moved, Regent Houghton seconded; unanimously approved.

    9. University of Maryland University College: Policies and Guidelines for Overseas Employees (action). The policy is designed to give UMUC flexibility that it needs for the hiring and administering of overseas employees. The current policies do not provide flexibility for the overseas operation. UMUC will submit any new policies to the Chancellor for approval. Regent Finan moved, Regent Hug seconded the motion, unanimously approved.
    10. University System of Maryland: Quarterly Review of Capital Improvement Projects (information).

G. Report of Committee on Organization & Compensation: Regent Finan presented the report on behalf of Regent Mitchell who is attending the meeting via conference call. Regent Finan stated that at the June 22, 2005 board meeting seven MOU's were approved in executive session:

      1. UMES Exempt Employees and AFSCME
      2. UMCP and FOP Lodge 23
      3. BSU Non-exempt Employees and AFSCME
      4. UMBC Non-exempt Employees and AFSCME
      5. CSU Exempt Employees and AFSCME
      6. CSU Non-exempt Employees and AFSCME
      7. CSU Sworn Police Officers and AFSCME

H. Committee of the Whole

    • Legislative Joint Committee Report (JCR) Requirement: Update on Regents' E&E Initiative. Chairman Nevins stated this is an information item only; it is a copy of the E&E Initiative that was submitted to the legislature as required.
    • Regent Kendall gave an update and status on the Dashboard Indicators project; subcommittee will be ready to report to the E&E Workgroup in 2-3 weeks. Regent Kendall stated that a recommendation for implementation should come to the next board meeting.

I. The meeting was adjourned at 11:08 a.m.

Audiotapes of the meeting are on file in the Office of the Board of Regents