University System of Maryland Board of Regents

October 21, 2005

A. Presidents Forum - Chairman Nevins announced there will be a Presidents Forum held every other Board meeting prior to the official start of the Board meeting. Topic of today's forum is the relationships between USM institutions and the community colleges throughout the state. President Bogomolny, Chair of CUSP, began the discussion with great participation and interest among Regents and Presidents. Executive Director, MACC (Maryland Association of Community Colleges), Clay Whitlow also participated. (audiotape of the discussion on file in the Chancellor's Office)

Minutes of the Public Session

B. Chairman Nevins called the meeting of the University System of Maryland Board of Regents to order at 1:52 p.m. on Friday October 21, 2005, University System of Maryland at Hagerstown. Those in attendance were: Chairman Nevins, Regents Finan, Florestano, Gill, Hug, Johnson, Kelly, Mandel, Mitchell, Pettit, Pevenstein, Rosapepe, and Willcher; Chancellor Kirwan, Vice Chancellors Goldstein and Vivona; Assistant Attorneys' General Goedert and Short; Presidents Boesch, Bogomolny, Caret, Gira, Dudley-Eshbach, Lowe, and Ramsay Institutional representatives included Dr. Owen-Southall (CSU), Mr. Reznikov (UMBI). Dr. Wylie (UMCP), Mr. Leberknight (TU), Dr. Johnson (UMBC) Dr. Ramsey (Bowie), Dr. Colston (UMES); and Mr. Conti (UMUC) Ms. Ryan, members of the press and others.

Chairman Nevins recognized Senator Munson and thanked him for attending the meeting. Chairman Nevins stated that Senator Munson was instrumental in establishing the USM Hagerstown Center. Senator Munson thanked the Regents and said holding the BOR meeting at Hagerstown is very symbolic, and he appreciated the Regents involvement for making this institution possible.

Chairman Nevins recognized Andrew Rose, SGA president at UMCP, who had requested in advance an opportunity to address the Board on the student misconduct policy.

Mr. Rose expressed UMCP student concerns regarding post-game celebrations. He realizes the misconduct policy is under review by the Board this term and he believes that many students want to work with the Board. Most UMCP students do not want to give the school a bad name. Mr. Rose suggested initiating an open dialogue between the Regents and students to discuss the issues. The students' goal is "no riots this year." Chairman Nevins thanked Mr. Rose and commended his active participation in helping to resolve the post game problems. Regent Rosapepe also recognized Mr. Rose for his efforts. A meeting will be set between student leaders and Regents.

C. Dr. David Warner, Executive Director of the Hagerstown Center, welcomed the Regents, Presidents USM staff and others. He thanked the Regents and Chancellor for locating the USM facility in Washington County. He then showed a video of the history and background of this historical building, which was built in 1756 as the Globe Tavern.

D. Committee of the Whole

1. Minutes from September 9, 2005 meeting were unanimously approved. Regent Rosapepe moved and Regent Florestano seconded.

2. Chancellor Kirwan - Chancellor Kirwan thanked the staff of the center with special thanks to Dr. Warner for hosting the meeting and to JoEllen Barnhardt for providing a tour of the facility. Chancellor Kirwan also thanked Senator Munson for his work in establishing the Hagerstown Center.

Highlights of Chancellor Kirwan's Report:

    • UMCP economist Thomas Schelling was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work on "Game Theory."
    • UMCP President Dan Mote received the National Academy of Engineering's Founders Award acknowledging his pioneering work in engineering.
    • TU President Robert Caret received the 2005 George L. Braude Award from the Maryland Section of the American Chemical Society.
    • UMBC President Freeman Hrabowski is slated to accept the ABET Presidential Award for Diversity.
    • UMUC's MBA Program will receive an award for the Most Outstanding Online Teaching and Learning Program from the Sloan Consortium at its 10th International Conference on Online Learning.
    • UMB President Ramsay, along with Congressman Cummings, Governor Ehrlich and Mayor O'Malley celebrated the grand opening of the UMB BioPark.
    • UMCES: National Sea Grant Program Assessment Team gave Maryland Sea Grant Program the highest rating ever for a Sea Grant program.
    • CSU: Coppin was ranked in the top 20 in U.S. News & World Report's" ranking wireless internet accessible campuses. Coppin also received the prestigious EDUCAUSE award for innovation in technology. President Battle received the 2005 Legacy Laureate Award.
    • FSU presidential search committee has been appointed and is chaired by Thomas Bowling, AVP for Student and Educational Services at FSU.
    • Chancellor Kirwan participated in a College Board press conference at the National Press Club regarding college pricing and financial aid.
    • Budget discussions continue with members of the Governor's administration

(The Chancellor's full report is on file with the minutes).

3. Bylaws technical amendment (action) - It is requested that the annual meeting of the Board be moved from September to June, reflecting the current practice. Regent Pevenstein moved for approval; seconded by Regent Florestano and unanimously approved.

4. Delegation of Authority for the 403(b) plan (action) - The plan requests the Board authorize the delegation of certain powers of the Chancellor as plan administrator to handle requirements for implementing the 403(b) plan for USM employees. Regent Florestano moved Regent Johnson seconded.

5. UMBI Columbus Center Lease - Chairman Nevins tabled the item from the Public Session agenda

E. Report of the Councils

  1. Council of University System Presidents - President Bogomolny expressed his appreciation for the Presidents Forum as a regular part of board meetings. He noted that several items were discussed at the last meeting of the Presidents Council, including topics for this and future Presidents Forum and topics for discussion with the presidents' meeting with the Governor on November 7th. The presidents also discussed a new policy prohibiting the use of contract lobbyists for state government relations.
  1. Dr. Siegel presented the report of the Council of University System Faculty. Dr. Siegel stated CUSF is working with the Student Council and CUSS, to address the high cost of textbooks. Dr. Siegel sent a letter to all Senate Chairs for distribution to the faculty requesting the faculty to be cognizant of the costs of textbooks and other materials when planning their courses. Dr. Siegel stated the student's request for CUSF to support the extension of the Thanksgiving break was denied, mainly because of scheduling and calendar problems. Regent Florestano asked Dr. Goldstein if the Provosts are addressing this issue for a report to the Education Policy Committee. Dr. Siegel requested to see the mission statements distributed to the Regents Education Policy Committee. (A written report was included with the board materials and is on file in the Chancellor's Office.)
  2. Mr. Hill presented the report of the Council of University System Staff (CUSS). He stated that on Monday September 26, 2005 a letter was delivered to leaders in Annapolis (letter attached with the report) expressing concerns about affordable health care, prescription drug coverage and Optional Retirement Programs. Mr. Hill asked for Board support of their letter to the Senate and Delegates. (A written report was submitted with the board materials distributed in advance of the meeting and is on file in the Chancellors' Office.)
  3. University System Student Council - Isabell Cserno reported on behalf of Mr. Aragon
    • Provisions of student misconduct policy - many students have concerns with some of the provisions especially the "Probation Before Judgment" clause in a draft of the policy. USMSC will have final recommendation available to the Board after its November meeting.
    • Other issues she presented included the Thanksgiving break extension, concerns on textbook costs, and the role of students in the mandatory fee process.
    • She informed the Board the USMSC moved its "Annapolis 101" Day from January 24 to January 25, 2006

F. Education Policy

  1. Minutes of September 14, 2005 (included)
  2. New Program Proposals Presented by Regent Florestano (action)
    • UMB: Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine - The Ph.D. represents an amalgamation of five existing separate doctoral programs. Regent Florestano moved for Board approval, seconded by Regent Rosapepe and unanimously approved.
    • UMBC: Master of Professional Studies (MPS) and Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Professional Studies. Regent Florestano moved for approval: seconded by Regent Mitchell and unanimously approved.
    • UMBC: Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Senior Housing Administration

Regent Florestano moved for approval; seconded by Regent Rosapepe and unanimously approved.

The following were presented as information items:

  1. Middle States Accreditation Process: Role of the Governing Board
  2. Mission and Goals Concept Papers for USM Institutions
  3. MHEC Process for Development of Final Report to the Office of Civil Rights on the Maryland/OCR Partnership Agreement
  4. Tentative Annual Agenda 2005-2006

Item #4 above - Chairman Nevins encouraged his colleagues to attend December 1, 2005 special meeting of the Education Policy on Mission statements and requested a meeting reminder be sent to the Board members.

G. Finance Committee Regent Pevenstein

  1. Minutes of September 22, 2005
  1. University System of Maryland Section 401(a) Matching and Delegation Resolution Action (action) Regent Pevenstein moved for approval: seconded by Regent Rosapepe and Finan and unanimously approved.

H. Chairman Nevins reported on the E&E Committee meeting held October 11, 2005. He thanked Regent Kendall and his colleagues for their work on the dashboard indicators and Chairman Nevins praised the latest draft of the indicators. All regents will be invited to a meeting of E&E to review the dashboard indicators before final presentation to the Board.

Other agenda items to be added to this year's E & E agenda include: the possibility for institutions to propose pilot or model programs, and the review of E & E programs to provide opportunities for intra-institutional and inter-institutional collaborations. The Board received positive feedback from the Governor and legislators with regard to its E&E efforts. Regent Hug stated that the Regents still have E & E as a high priority.

I. Regent Gill gave an update on the Technology Transfer Workgroup. Regent Gill stated this is a unique group because it includes industry leaders outside the Board and the institutions. The goals for the workgroup are:

  1. Understand current technology transfer process within USM.
  2. Understand private sector relationships to this and to explore ways to move quickly into commercialization.
  3. Identify best practices.
  4. Work with University Presidents to explore ways to implement best practices

The Committee will meet again in November.

J. The meeting was adjourned at 3:01 p.m.

Audiotapes of the meeting are on file in the Office of the Board of Regents