University System of Maryland

Carnegie Course Redesign Initiative

Faculty Fellows Program

Each year, USM will select five faculty members who have shown exceptional skill and dedication to the concept of course redesign to be named USM Course Redesign Fellows.  The Course Redesign Fellows will engage with fellow faculty as mentors to:

  • assist their colleagues in understanding the core concepts of redesign,
  • work with new faculty cohorts as each progresses through the course redesign steps,
  • present lessons learned through workshops and one-on-one interactions,
  • develop skills in planning, implementing and assessing outcomes of redesigned courses,
  • represent to USM Course Redesign program both inside and outside the System,

Responsibilities of the USM Course Redesign Fellows:

  • Engage in support and training activities for faculty new to the redesign program;
  • Form a team with other Fellows to work with staff at USM Office to develop and deliver up to four workshops during the year for faculty cohorts working toward new redesigns;
  • Represent the USM at the NCAT Redesign Alliance conference in March 2011; Assist USM Office staff in the evaluation of proposals for new course redesign grants;
  • Assist in the development and content management of a USM course redesign website.

Click here for a list of 2012-2013 Faculty Fellows

For information on the Course Redesign Faculty Fellows program, contact Stan Jakubik, Asst Vice Chancellor, (410) 455-5667