University System of Maryland

University System of Maryland

Inter-Institutional Committee (ICC)

Financial Aid Work Group Meeting

February 22, 2002


Attendees: Rachel Brinkley (UMBC), Terra Jones (UMB), Marjorie Robison (Frostburg), Frank Valines (UMCP), Monica Wheatley (Coppin)

Agenda Item 1) Possible increase in community service requirements

Discussion regarding impact of increasing FWS community service expenditure percentage from 7% to 50%.

  1. Schools may need to pull resources from other currently funded FWS non-community service related jobs
  2. Size/amount of funding may pose various issues for institutions. Large schools with sizeable allocations may have difficulty spending the significant lump sum. Small institutions with limited staff resources may have difficulty securing positions adequate to support 50% spending.
  3. Off campus community service projects incur increased financial resources for logistical coordination and management beyond the traditional on campus community service positions. These include, but are not limited to: written agreements/contracts, site visits, transportation for students, payroll issues, general liability, etc.
  4. 34CFR675.20(d) Loosen definition of regular, unpaid internship to allow for use of FWS funding to pay positions which would otherwise qualify as FWS community service eligible. (SFA Handbook, 2001-02, Vol.6, pg 6-21

Agenda Item 2) SSA Issues - proposed sampling for CB EA Grants.

Discussion regarding the feasibility of allocating Educational Assistance Grant funds at the campus level for need determination and distribution by individual institutions, rather than at the student level as awarded by SSA currently. Overall, attendees in agreement that change would benefit their respective offices. FAO's would be allowed to make awards earlier, thus impacting student recruitment/yield as well as more accurately awarding institutional funding. All attendees were in favor, provided clear guidance was provided to each institution regarding: funding levels, minimum and maximum awards, need guidelines, etc. A secondary item pertaining to SSA was brought up by F. Valines. Frank shared a discussion held at Um System Offices with Institutional Research Staff of many of the Campuses, relating to the potential SSA collection of unit record data on need and aid awarded. Currently, only aggregate level data is reported.