Financial Aid Working Group Report

Financial Aid Working Group Report

September 20, 2001

Ocean City, Maryland

Submitted by: James W. Kellam, Director of Financial Aid

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

The Financial Aid Working Group met on Thursday, September 20, 2001 at the Fall Retreat in Ocean City, Maryland. The discussion items were as follows:

  1. Elect a new Chairperson
  2. Sara Bauder was nominated and elected chair of the Financial Aid Working Group

  3. Collaborative agreements between institutions and the administration of financial aid (i.e.-collaborative Engineering program)
  4. The working group discussed issues in particular to the case of Brian Vetter. Dr. Eddie Boyd, Dean of the School of Business and Technology at UMES, expressed to the Director of Financial Aid his desire that institutions commit to the continuation of academic and/or merit scholarships when students transfer to other institutions via collaborative programs. The committee's opinion is that institutions cannot reasonably be expected to commit to the continuation of funds originally awarded at another institution as the requirements of programs and levels of funding vary. The committee expressed the need for all parties involved to meet as there appears to be confusion concerning the administration of financial aid for these programs.

  5. Review the draft report from Maryland State Scholarship Administration of financial programs in the state.
  6. All members of the committee agreed the report was well-written and expressed opinions that have existed in the financial aid community for some time. The representatives of the financial aid community who will speak at the public hearing on September 26, 2001 are:

    Vince Pecora, Cissy VanSickle, Bill Leith

    The committee supports the position of decentralization of scholarship programs, the EA grant program, in particular.

  7. Shady Grove
  8. The group discussed general issues but did not meet with the Admissions or Records working groups.

  9. Economically disadvantaged student performance criteria.

None of the group members were familiar with this issue. Mr. Leith requested it be placed on the group's agenda but was not present. The issue was tabled.