Financial Aid

November 30, 2001

  • How does the student apply for financial aid? Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Is there a special application for financial aid for collaborative program? No.
  • Which financial aid code is used for FAFSA? Parent institution
  • How does the student know which code to use? Communicated by collaborative institutions.
  • Which institution maintains the financial aid records for the students? Parent institution. It is mandatory that there be an institution of record.

  • Is the information shared between the participating institutions? Yes
  • Is the student eligible for institutional aid at all of the participating institutions? No
  • Is the institutional aid limited in some way to certain students (i.e., to those students participating in the first 2 years of the collaborative degree program)? No
  • What happens in the case where the student switches from one institution to the other for the last part of the degree program? At that point, the student's parent institution changes. How is the student included in the process for consideration of institutional aid at the "new Home" institution during the transition phase? Based on existing transfer policies at the parent institution.
  • Is the financial aid information automatically transferred from one institution to the next? Yes Or, does the student have to provide current information directly to the "new home" institution? No
  • Are there any special considerations that need to be made for students receiving institutional scholarships for tuition and fees? No