ICC Articulation Committee

Fall 2003 Meeting Minutes
The group talked with Bill Ruiz about PeopleSoft File Uploads. Bill stated that when we are ready to upload ARTSYS to PeopleSoft on a nightly basis we could let him know. He can help us make it happen.

We all need to take care of updating ARTSYS. There are many courses to be evaluated and many courses still listed as "to be determined."

AAT information. UMCP only had six students. The transcripts from most community colleges are not indicating the AAT degree. There is nothing on the electronic application for students to self-indicate AAT. Some students had the AAT degree on transcript but did not have all of the courses from the community college AAT criteria. Needs to be accountability of AAT coursework. We discussed questions about automatic completion of lower-level general education with the AAT. We can still require AAT grads to take 10-16 credits of general education on our campuses. We discussed community college general education courses. We do need to do some close checking to verify AAT degree. It was recommended that the USM should take a look at the AAT's. How many students are in the pipeline at the community college? It was stated that there was the potential for 250 AAT grads for next fall. It was also recommended that we invite Michael Kiphart to a future meeting.

Seth: Provided an update on ARTSYS "hits." Gave us "ENGL" information that we need to update and return to him. The institutions, which offer Nursing, need to add a footnote for non-nursing courses. They should e-mail the language of the footnote to Seth. Students should start Nursing Programs in 2004 and transfer to four-years in 2006.

Discussion about on-line courses. Should we limit the number of on-line courses in the future? No decisions reached.

Question about CLEP and AP. If the score is below our minimum, but the community college accepts as general education, do we have to accept it? UMCP does not, everyone else does. Further discussion in the future.