NOTES: ICC Record Group -- May 3, 2002

  1. Residency Policy -- there is an interpretation question that has arisen concerning section E -- the Presumption statement which requires the addition of the word 'or' for the two aspects that are indicated in the policy. This means that there is an opportunity to review other aspects of the policy that might need adjustment so a committee is being formed. Each campus was asked to identify the people who should be contacted. The group later discussed issues about changing/questioning residency statuses after the initial determination based upon evidence that payment is made from overseas (out of state??). It was agreed that it is appropriate to review residency determinations and that auditors might expect this. Also some discussion that auditing might vary from campus to campus. It was agreed that residency issues require continued discussion.
  2. FERPA -- the revisions to FERPA as a result of the new Patriot Act were discussed. Each campus was asked to consult with their legal staff to insure that all campuses are in compliance. There was a discussion about impact of including Disciplinary information on the transcript, etc. and again a recommendation that each campus consult with their respective Legal Ofc. Some campuses expressed that they are experiencing an increase in requests for disciplinary information. Also, parent requests continue to be a difficult issue for campuses. We discussed possible approaches that are working at some campuses.
  3. Discussion about Judicial notations on the record -- campuses are mixed about indicating Disciplinary Suspension/Expulsion on the record and whether records are maintained permanently. (NOTE: this is to clarify that at CP, Suspension/Expulsion documentation is maintained permanently. At the meeting B.Riggs had stated that students could request that the documents be expunged after satisfying sanctions, etc. Students can satisfy sanctions to have the statements removed from the transcript; however, the documentation is permanently maintained). In addition, there was discussion about the use of transfer work during a period of suspension and there was agreement that campuses do not permit students to earn transfer credit for terms in which they are serving a suspension. It was further agreed that this is very difficult to monitor.
  4. Two handouts were distributed by Teri Hollander: CLHE Compliance: Accommodating disabled Students and. SEVIS requirements (international student issue).
  5. Cooperative/Collaborative Program MOU's -- Sample MOU's were provided: one from Towson for their Baltimore Student Exchange Program, and, another for the Frostburg/CP Engineering Collaborative Program. From these two samples, it was agreed that we would attempt to develop a standard template for MOU's to insure that all issues are covered.
  6. Bill Ruiz visited the group to provide news about Electronic Transcripts. He reported that Montgomery College was ready to begin providing Electronic Transcripts immediately and that Anne Arundel (and possibly Howard) should be ready next Sept. hopefully. NOTE: Follow up on Monday, May 6th about MC electronic transcripts resulted in realizing that they are still not quite ready. Bill Ruiz is following up.
  7. Dave Robb agreed to serve as Chair of the group for next year. He concluded the meeting with a statement of appreciation for Wayne Smith, Herb Klingenhofer and Barbara Riggs all of whom are retiring June 30, 2002.
  8. Lastly, we were all asked to review the Interinstitutional Enrollment Form for any changes. One change that we will request is modification to H. under the Home Institution Procedures to strike the word "academic" prior to policies so that all policies are assumed. This will cover the disciplinary policies as well.

Respectfully submitted by:

Barbara Riggs