RECORDS GROUP of ICC- May 4, 2001 meeting

People Soft Project Update

  • UMUC - HR section completed, they are on hold as they wait for 8.0

Hope to have Student system operational in one year.

  • UMBC - Has an RFP out on implementation partner.
  • TU - DigiTerra is their implementation partner. Has team in place and will begin in June.
  • UMCP - not participating in project
  • USM

Stan reports that there are 6 projects within the system. USM is working on a website so we can share information with each other and other institutions using People Soft.

The Mid-Atlantic HEUG group will hold its next meeting at Gallaudet.

Frederick Community College has gone live with records on People Soft.

FSU - Has set up a training schedule and plans to begin fit-gap in August.

Plus"+" and Minus "-" Grading at UMCP

  • Beginning with the fall 2001 semester, UMCP faculty will begin to use the plus and minus option when grading undergraduate courses.

The plus and minus will display on the transcript, but will not be averaged into the GPA.

Two year evaluation process will occur before final decision is made.

A+ will be warded at UMCP, but student will not have a gpa higher then a 4.0

Towson currently uses plus and minus grades for undergraduate courses, but does not award the A+.

UMAB's law school added the plus and minus option about 15 years ago. Students like this method.

Electronic Grading

  • UMCP - has required faculty teaching summer and minimester courses to use electronic grade reporting in their faculty contracts. Grades go into a file which.
  • Morgan - Electron grading is live.
  • TU - Using electronic grading this spring for the first time.

Schedule of Classes

  • UMBC - They have reduced the number of printed schedule book by approximately one half.
  • UMCP - Has reduced somewhat, but will continue to produce due to the financial benefits of advertising in book which covers cost of printing.
  • TU - Has been slowing reducing the number of copies printed each semester.

Academic Calendar

  • 2003-2004 USM calendar approved.
  • 9 month faculty - the period begins one week prior to the beginning of the fall semester and ends with commencement.

Disaster Plan

  • Liz Murphy addressed the issue of a disaster plan for records and registration on our campuses. Do we keep copies of our records at another site and could we run a registration if there was a disaster at our campus?

2001-2002 Committee Chair

  • Amy Crowley nominated and elected to another year, but has since accepted a position outside of USM.