USM Nonexempt Pay Program

Job Specifications

A Job Class Specification is not the same as a Position Description. A Job Class Specification broadly defines a group of similar positions that have the same essential functions, qualifications, basic title and salary range. A Position Description, on the other hand, specifically defines an individual employee's duties, responsibilities, and the position requirements in a particular office or department.

USM Job Class Specifications may be Systemwide or Institution Specific.

Systemwide applies to those job classes that are commonly used on more than one institution.

Institution Specific applies to those job classes that are unique to a particular institution. For example, the Job Class Specification for Marine Research Vessel First Mate would be Institution Specific because of its unique function at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES).

Job Titles by EEO6 Code:

H10 Executive, Administrative, Managerial (This code is for Exempt Titles)

H30 Professional Nonfaculty (This code is for Exempt Titles)

H40 Clerical and Secretarial

H50 Technical and Paraprofessional

H60 Skilled Crafts

H70 Service and Maintenance