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Week of June 1, 2009

News From Across the USM Campuses

Republicans seek a green makeover: Commission attempts to give GOP new voice on environment (By Sean R. Sedam, The Gazette, 5/29/09) [Article quotes Dr. Donald Boesch, President, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science]

News briefs - Business edition - 05/29 - UM to lead climate research (Daily Record staff, The Daily Record, 5/29/09)

Climate Report (By Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher Ed, 5/28/09) [All USM institutions are signatories to the Presidents' Commitment on Climate Change]

New warning of rising sea levels in Northeast (By Randolph E. Schmid, AP Science Writer, The Capital, 5/28/09) [Articles cites University of Maryland]

New lab hosts innovative startups: Award-winning methane-to-energy venture among first users at University of Maryland facility (By Lindsey Robbins, The Gazette, 5/28/09)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

State of Maryland News

Maryland pollutes more than 150 countries: Greenpeace report highlights individual states' contribution to global warming (By Meredith Cohn, The Baltimore Sun, 5/29/09)

Algae bloom causes foul smell, fish kill in harbor (By Liz F. Kay, The Baltimore Sun, 5/27/09)

How a greener city gets growing: Community gardens benefit the neighborhood, the economy and the environment, advocates say (By Meredith Cohn, The Baltimore Sun, 5/26/09)

National and International News

Obama walks a fine line over mining: Environmentalists feel betrayed by the EPA's decision not to block new mountaintop mining projects (By Tom Hamburger and Peter Wallsten, Tribune Newspapers as reported in The Baltimore Sun, 5/31/09)

Gas price surge may stall recovery: Gas prices jump 20% in 32 days, nearing $2.50 a gallon and putting more pressure on the already battered economy.(By Aaron Smith, CNNMoney, 5/30/09)

Would You Work in an Office Building Made of Shipping Containers? (By Ariel Schwartz, Fast Company, 5/29/09)

Oil Is Plentiful, Demand Weak. Why Are Gas Prices Going Up? (By Vivienne Walt, Time online as reported by Yahoo News, 5/29/09)

Report: Climate change crisis "catastrophic" (By Hillary Whiteman, CNN, 5/29/09)

Report: Carbon pollution to grow by 40 percent: U.S. agency says much of the rise expected to come from China, India (The Associated Press as reported on, 5/27/09)

US unveils $4bn plan to upgrade public housing as part of green jobs project: Renovation scheme will replace windows, insulation and light bulbs in ageing and neglected low-income housing stock      (By Suzanne Goldenberg, The [UK] Guardian, 5/26/09)

Amazon basin braces for ‘extreme climate': Experts suspect global warming driving huge changes in tropical wilderness (The Associated Press as reported on, 5/26/09)

Climate change has a considerable impact on the emergence and re-emergence of animal diseases: At the 77th OIE General Assembly, Delegates of the 174 Member Countries and Territories issue a warning to the International Communities (By Maria Zampaglione, The World Organisation for Animal Health, 5/26/09)

Economist: Pricier Oil Means Less Globalization (Morning Edition - National Public Radio, 5/25/09)

America's new green guru sparks anger over climate change U-turns: President Obama's energy secretary, Nobel prize-winner Steven Chu, arrives in Europe this week to discuss global warming. But his recent policy decisions on coal-fired power stations and hydrogen cars have angered many environmentalists (By Robin McKie and Ed Helmore, The [UK] Observer, 5/24/09)

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