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Week of August 2, 2010

News from Across the USM Campuses

Spray, baby, spray: oil spill solutions part of the problem (By Jess Hill, ABC News - Australia, 7/29/10) [News story cites Carys Mitchelmore of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science]

Site of Book Exchange to be converted into housing: Property under contract to be sold to developers (By Alicia McCarty, Diamondback Online, 7/29/10)

IMET Researchers Launch Chesapeake Bay Metagenomics Study (The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science News, July 2010)

State of Maryland News

Children's Guild students sculpt sailboat from trash: They collected litter along Inner Harbor shoreline and learned to sail during four-week course (By Mary Gail Hare, The Baltimore Sun, 7/28/10)

Ehrlich touts Chesapeake Bay Restoration Act: Says O'Malley should not have raided bay cleanup fund (By Julie Bykowicz, The Baltimore Sun, 7/28/10)

Aquarium to replace iconic neon wave with LED facsimile: Move will save Maryland's 'world of water' money, but some lament changing the longstanding fixture (By Ed Gunts, The Baltimore Sun, 7/27/10)

BGE vows to fix outages; people say they've heard that before - Hundreds of homes in Patterson Park, Highlandtown neighborhoods left without power when temperatures climb (By Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun, 7/27/10)

Baltimore recycling: 1+1=50 (By Tim Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun - B'More Green Blog, 7/27/10)

National and International News

A Benchmark of Progress, Electrical Grid Fails Iraqis (By Steven Lee Myers, The New York Times, 8/1/10)

BP to try well kill Tuesday (By Leigh Coleman, Reuters as reported by Yahoo News, 7/31/10)

Los Angeles Pushing To Become Nation's Mass Transit Leader  (By Daisy Nguyen, The Huffington Post, 7/31/10)

Greenland Ice Cap Melt Is Accelerating (By Katie Stallard, Sky News, 7/31/10)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

Scientists Find Evidence That Oil And Dispersant Mix Is Making Its Way Into The Foodchain (By Dan Froomkin, The Huffington Post, 7/31/10)

Oil Spill Legislation Passes House (By Matthew Daly, The Huffington Post, 7/30/10)

July could be hottest month on record (By Doyle Rice, USA Today, 7/30/10) 

US expert: China oil spill far bigger than stated (By Cara Anna, The Associated Press as reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, 7/30/10)

Oil-soaked waste worries Gulf Coast landfills' neighbors (By Lesley Clark and Fred Tasker, McClatchy Newspspers, 7/30/10)

Are our oceans dying? Phytoplankton has declined 40% in 60 years as figures reveal Earth has been getting hotter since the Eighties (By Daily Mail Reporter, The [UK] Daily Mail, 7/30/10)

A Warmer Ocean is a Less Green One (By Ed Yong, Discover Magazine Blog, 7/28/10)

Last decade warmest on record, indicators in decline: Data 'screaming that the world is warming,' scientist says of annual report (The Associated Press as reported by, 7/28/10)

Why Brits use less energy than Americans (Reported by Marco Werman, NPR - The World, 7/27/10)

Haphazard Firefighting Might Have Sunk BP Oil Rig (By Aaron Mehta and John Solomon, The Center for Public Integrity, 7/27/10)

Wind farm 'mega-project' underway in Mojave Desert: The Alta Wind Energy Center - with plans for thousands of acres of turbines to generate electricity for 600,000 Southern California homes - officially breaks ground Tuesday. (By Tiffany Hsu, The Los Angeles Times, 7/27/10)

Obama pledges swift response after Battle Creek oil spill; Granholm tours site (By Detroit News staff and wire, Detroit News, 7/27/10)

Oil spewing from well near Louisiana marsh: Boom placed around 100-foot-high plume; tugboat hit well, officials say (By NBC, and news services,, 7/27/10)

Among House Democrats in Rust Belt, a sense of abandonment over energy bill (By Paul Kane and Shailagh Murray, The Washington Post, 7/27/10)

Disputed chemical bisphenol-A found in paper receipts (By Lyndsey Layton, The Washington Post, 7/27/10)

China landslide leaves 21 missing amid floods: Worst rainy season in a decade has already killed hundreds (By Chi-Chi Zhang, The Associated Press as reported by, 7/27/10)

BP should end the oil age early: The Gulf oil spill should spur BP to leave Canada's tar sands alone, and focus their energy on renewable power (By John Sauven, The [UK] Guardian, 7/27/10)

Power Struggle: GM, Nissan vying to offer best deal on electric cars later this year (By Tom Krisher, The Associated Press as reported by The Baltimore Sun, 7/27/10)

BP's new CEO: Gulf spill was a wake-up call - American Bob Dudley sees challenges as he takes over for Tony Hayward (By Harry R. Weber and Jane Wordell, The Associated Press as reported by, 7/27/10)

The Energy Bill Fallout (By Andrew Restuccia, The Washington Independent, 7/27/10)

Climate change equals more Mexican migration: study (By Maggie Fox, Reuters, 7/26/10)

Plastiki Wraps Up an 8,300-Mile Voyage (By Felicity Barringer, The New York Times - Green Blog, 7/26/10)

Smog blankets Moscow on city's hottest day (By Conor Humphries, Reuters, 7/26/10

U.S. faces climate-driven water shortages (By Todd Woody,, 7/26/10)

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