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Week of August 9, 2010

News from Across the USM Campuses

Bay on the Brink (Reported by Sheilah Kast, National Public Radio - Maryland Morning and University of Maryland School of Journalism News 21 team, 8/6/10) [Report cites a study of the Chesapeake Bay by the University of Maryland School of Journalism]

Successful farmers' market will return to campus twice in the fall: Organizers aim to teach students the importance of eating locally grown produce (By Alicia McCarty, Diamondback Online, 8/5/10)

Mountaintop removal has caused irreversible harm, researchers say (By Vivian Nereim, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/4/10) [Article quotes Margaret Palmer of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science]

The Princeton Review Gives 703 Colleges Green Ratings in New 2011 Editions of Its Annual College Guides and Website Profiles of Schools · Ratings Based on Environmental Practices, Policies and Course Offerings · Honor Roll Salutes 18 Colleges Receiving Highest Green Rating Score: 99 (The Princeton Review Press Release, 8/2/10) [University of Maryland, College Park Receives Highest Green Rating Score of 99]

State of Maryland News

The car is still king of D.C. area commute (By Robert Thompson, The Washington Post, 8/8/10)

Maryland plugs gas-electric mower swap (By Tim Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun - B'More Green Blog, 8/6/10)

Residents concerned about Deep Creek Lake's future: Fish kill, pollution, development top worries (By Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun, 8/5/10)

Broken sewer line sends sewage into Herring Run Stream: City residents are urged to stay out of streams (By Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun, 8/4/10)

Wind turbines: source of energy and controversy - Our view: Wind turbines are a flawed but necessary part of the energy solution (The Baltimore Sun - Op Ed, 8/3/10)

At-risk youths green Maryland parks (By Tim Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun, 8/2/10)

National and International News

The world's first really green oil deal: Ecuador's £3.6bn scheme to save its rainforest from exploitation could point the way to sparing other threatened landscapes (By Esmé McAvoy, The [UK] Independent, 8/8/10)

As the green economy grows, the 'dirty rich' are fading away (By David Callahan, The Washington Post, 8/8/10)

Over 2,000 Dead Or Missing In Giant Chinese Landslide (By Gus Lubin, Business Insider, 8/8/10)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

Giant ice island breaks off Greenland: Floating ice sheet is four times the size of Manhattan, scientists say (, 8/8/10)

Biggest ice island for 48 years breaks off Greenland glacier: Scientists say the 100 square mile ice island, 600ft thick, is 'very unusual' and the biggest formation of its kind since 1962 (By Damien Pearse, The [UK] Guardian, 8/7/10)

Princeton Review's Green Honor Roll Omits Colleges That Complained About Ratings. Coincidence? (By Scott Carlson, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/6/10)

Information Commons Reduces Energy Consumption: Loyola University's library in Chicago is setting new standards for environmental friendliness (By Ted Strand, American Libraries, 8/6/10)

Wildfires Ravaging Swaths of Russia (By Andrew E. Kramer, The New York Times, 8/6/10)

Russian heatwave kills 5,000 as fires rage out of control: Russia's devastating summer heatwave has cost almost 5,000 lives, according to officials who conceded yesterday that the state was struggling to gain control over the worst wildfires in decades. (By Damien McElroy, The [UK] Telegraph, 8/6/10)

Wheat Shortage May Mean Higher Grocery Bills: Cost of Bread, Cereal Likely to Rise; Poorer Countries Will Feel Brunt (By Rich Blake, ABC News, 8/6/10)

Senator Begich: Oil-spill liability deal is imminent (By Ben Geman, The Hill, 08/05/10)

Dangerous Heat Wave Bakes 18 States From Texas To New York (By Holbrook Mohr, Huffington Post, 8/5/10)

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: "Everyone is talking about climate change now." (By Nick Sundt, World Wildlife Fund - Climate Change Blog, 8/5/10)

Flood-hit Pakistan to evacuate 500,000 in south: Worst monsoon rains in decades kill 1,500 and threaten further destruction as storm moves south (By Ashraf Khan, The Associated Press as reported by, 8/5/10)

Gulf Oil Spill Gone? Not So Fast (Texas A&M News and Information Services, 8/5/10)

California college is first to go 'grid positive' (By Daniel de Vise, The  Washington Post, 8/4/10)

Government Estimates of Oil From Spill Raise New Doubts Among Researchers (By Paul Basken, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/4/10)

BP partners won't pay cleanup costs: Anadarko Petroleum and Mitsui are billed $1.68 billion as their shares of the Gulf oil spill cleanup. They argue that BP's negligence caused the spill. (By Charlie Blaine, - Money Central, 8/4/10)

Gulf Oil Spill: NSF Funds Research on Impacts to Florida Everglades: Extensive seagrass beds, mangrove forests to be studied (National Science Foundation, Press Release, 8/4/10)

BP reports 'static kill' success; scientists say majority of oil has been dispersed, removed (By William Branigin and David A. Fahrenthold, The Washington Post, 8/4/10)

U.S. Finds Most Oil From Spill Poses Little Additional Risk (By Justin Gillis, The New York Times, 8/4/10)

Scientists cast doubt on claims BP spill's no threat to Gulf (By Erika Bolstad, Renee Schoof and Margaret Talev, McClatchy Newspapers, 8/4/10)

BP will try to cement Deepwater Horizon well today (By Mark Siebel, McClatchy Newspapers, 8/4/10)

BP oil spill: Obama administration's scientists admit alarm over chemicals

Environmental Protection Agency experts expressed concerns to superiors about use of dispersants, says whistleblower group (By Suzanne Goldenberg, The [UK] Guardian, 8/3/10)

Should the Government Subsidize Electric Cars? (By Daniel Indiviglio, The Atlantic, 8/3/10)

Oil spill dumped 4.9 million barrels into Gulf of Mexico, latest measure shows (By Joel Achenbach and David A. Fahrenthold, The Washington Post, 8/3/10)

Senate Democrats delay energy bill vote (By Robert Schroeder, Market Watch, 8/3/10)

Gulf oil flow was 12 times more than feds' original estimate (By Erika Bolstad and Lesley Clark, McClatchy Newspapers, 8/2/10)

Garbage islands threaten China's Three Gorges dam: Thousands of tons of garbage washed down by recent torrential rain are threatening to jam the locks of China's massive Three Gorges Dam, and is in places so thick people can stand on it, state media said on Monday. (By  Erika Bolstad and Lesley Clark, McClatchy Newspapers, 8/2/10)

Gulf Dead Zone The Size Of Massachusetts (The Huffington Post, 8/2/10)

The truth about global warming (The Washington Post - Op Ed, 8/2/10)

Gulf Spill Is the Largest of Its Kind, Scientists Say (By Campbell Robertson and Clifford Krauss, 8/2/10)

Clock's ticking: Carbon emissions must peak by 2015 (Greenbag Blog, 8/2/10)

'Nothing left' for Pakistan flood survivors: Up to 2 million people in need of assistance; government inaction protested (, 8/2/10)

A President's House Inspires Beyond-the-Box Thinking (By Scott Carlson, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/2/10)

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