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Week of August 16, 2010 News from Across the USM Campuses

O'Malley To Attend Oyster Facility Dedication (As reported by WJZ-TV Channel 13, 8/15/10) [Article cites Dr. Donald F. Boesch, President of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science]

Commissioners tour marsh restoration: Dominion rebuilding dune as part of $50 million project (By Jeff Newman,, 8/13/10) [Article cites the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science's Chesapeake Biological Laboratory]

Health officials warn of bacteria in Chesapeake Bay: Vibrio can cause skin infections, gastrointestinal illness (By Meredith Cohn, The Baltimore Sun, 8/13/10) [Article cites report by University of Maryland professor, Rita Colwell]

Oystermen balk at sanctuary swap: Manokin, Nanticoke river spots would replace Smith Island shelter (By Liz Holland, DelMarVaNow Online, 8/13/10) [Article cites the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science]

Rooftop Roots (By Alicia McCarthy, The Diamondback Online, 8/12/10)

Greenland ice sheet faces 'tipping point in 10 years': Scientists warn that temperature rise of between 2C and 7C would cause ice to melt, resulting in 23ft rise in sea level (By Suzanne Goldenberg, The [UK] Guardian, 8/10/10) [Article quotes University of Maryland research scientist, Robert Bindschadler]

UM Advanced Bio-Filtration System Promises Less Chesapeake Pollution: Demonstration Project To Make Green Campus Greener, Aid Anacostia (University of Maryland Newsdesk, 8/9/10)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

State of Maryland News

Hope floats in Baltimore Harbor (By Tim Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun - B'More Green Blog, 8/11/10)

A little good Grist for B'more's urban farmers (By Tim Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun - B'More Green Blog, 8/10/10)

Cementing cleaner air (By Tim Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun - B'More Green Blog, 8/10/10)

National and International News

Pakistani floods ‘heart-wrenching' - UN Chief (BBC News, 8 /15/10)

Largest Swiss Supermarket Chain to Sell THINK City Electric Cars (Greenopolis Blog, 8/14/10)

Errant climate may be sign of breakdown, scientists say: Heat waves, fires, and floods fit their predictions (By Charles J. Hanley, The Associated Press as reported by The Boston Globe, 8/13/10)

Pakistan flood crisis raises fears of country's collapse (By Saeed Shah and Jonathan S. Landay, McClatchy Newspapers, 8/13/10)

Iowans Running Out Of Drinking Water After Flooding (By Michael J. Crumb, The Huffington Post Blog, 8/13/10)

Feds say well's not dead yet, more drilling needed (By Tom Breen, The Associated Press as reported by The Washington Post, 8/13/10)

Alabama AG sues BP, others over Gulf oil spill (By Phillip Rawls, The Associated Press as reported by, 8/13/10)

BWCA blowdown and aftermath show how global warming is changing Minnesota: Prairies are replacing forests (By Steve Berg,, 8/12/10)

Gulf of Mexico 'Dead Zone' Grows as Spill Impact Is Studied (By Leslie Patton, Bloomberg News, 8/12/10)

Charcoal Takes Some Heat Off Global Warming: Biochar Can Offset 1.8 Billion Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions Annually (Science Daily, 8/12/10)

Markey Says For BP To 'Make Things Right' It Must Stop Low-Balling Flow Estimates (By Dan Froomkin, The Huffington Post, 8/11/10)

Global Warming Bringing More Extreme Heat Waves: As Eastern U.S. Scorches More Extremely Hot Days on the Horizon (By Tony Iallonardo, National Wildlife Federation Media Center, 8/11/10)

Communism Is 'Green' After All? China to unveil $739b 'new energy' plan soon (By Damien Ma, The Atlantic magazine, 8/11/10)

Storms delay completion of relief well to seal damaged BP oil well in gulf (By Harry R. Weber and Jeffrey Collins, The Washington Post, 8/11/10)

Russian fires threaten to stir Chernobyl radiation (By Mansur Mirovalev, The Associated Press as reported by Yahoo News, 8/11/10)

Huge ice island could pose threat to oil, shipping (By Karl Ritter, The Associated Press as reported by The San Francisco Chronicle, 8/10/10)

Recycling Land for Green Energy Ideas (By Todd Woody, The New York Times, 8/10/10)

China Landslide: More than 700 people confirmed dead (By Chris Hogg, BBC News, 8/10/10)

Whole buildings could become solar panels: Whole buildings - including their windows - could potentially become solar power generators thanks to new technology. (The [UK] Telegraph, 8/9/10)

Energy expert Simmons dies in North Haven (By Tux Turkel, The Portland Press-Herald, 8/9/10)

Portugal Gives Itself a Clean-Energy Makeover (By Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times, 8/9/10)

Extreme Heat in Summer 2010: A Window on the Future (National Wildlife Federation Report, August 2010)

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