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Week of December 6, 2010

News from Across the USM Campuses

Working with waste: Students experiment with excrement to create fuel for Haiti hospital (By Claire Saravia, The Diamondback Online, 12/3/10)

Ridesharing Service Takes Off (University of Baltimore Newsroom, 12/3/10)

SGA requests more sustainable food from Dining Services: Criteria include treatment of workers and animals, proximity to campus (By Sarah Meehan, The Diamondback Online, 12/2/10)

UMBC gets National Science Foundation grant to study impact of development (The Arbutus Times, 12/1/10)

Rewarding Eco-Friendly Farmers Can Help Combat Climate Change: UMD Study Advises State on Creation of 'Nutrient Trading Market' (UM Newsdesk, 12/1/10)

Staff editorial: Shirking sustainability (Diamondback editorial board, The Diamondback Online, 11/29/10)

Geothermal system cuts costs for SU (, 11/29/10)

State of Maryland News

Maryland unveils revised Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan: Proposal would cost $10 billion (By Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun, 12/3/10)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

Bright idea: Southern MD school goes solar (By Tim Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun - B'More Green Blog, 12/2/10)

EPA to evaluate five plans to clean up Chesapeake (By Darryl Fears, The Washington Post, 12/2/10)

How 'green' can a highway be? (By Roger Burkhart, The Washington Post - All Opinions Are Local, 12/1/10)

Md.'s Corridor Cities Transitway would have minor environmental impacts, state study finds (By Katherine Shaver, The Washington Post, 11/30/10)

Maryland late with Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan: State officials say more time needed to review public comments (By Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun, 11/29/10)

National and International News

UN sees climate talks progress but disputes linger (AFP as reported by Google News, 12/5/10)

Massey's Blankenship to retire Dec. 31: Decision comes amid rumors that coal giant will be sold (By Ken Wald, Jr., The Charleston Gazette, 12/3/10)

WikiLeaks cables reveal how US manipulated climate accord: Embassy dispatches show America used spying, threats and promises of aid to get support for Copenhagen accord  (By Damian Carrington, The [UK] Guardian, 12/1/10)

China passenger train hits 300 mph, breaks record (By Anita Chang, The Associated Press as reported by Yahoo News, 12/1/10)

House Republicans Scrap 'Unnecessary' Global Warming Committee (By Nick Wing, The Huffington Post Blog, 12/1/10)

Extreme heat soon routine, UN agency says (The Associated Press as reported by The Boston Globe, 12/1/10)

EPA Fines Chemical Waste Management $300,000 For Cancer-Causing Chemicals At Kettleman Hills Landfill, West's Largest Toxic Dump (By Garance Burke, The Huffington Post - Green Blog, 11/30/10)

Cracker Barrel, a model of old times, to offer electric vehicle chargers at 24 Tenn. stores (The Associated Press as reported by The Baltimore Sun, 11/30/10)

Could Britain's gas stocks run out this winter? (By Reuters - UK, 11/30/10)

Factory Farm Nation: Map Charts Unprecedented Growth in Factory Farming

Food & Water Watch Analysis Finds Livestock on Factory Farms Grew by 20 Percent in 5 Years (Food and Water Watch News, 11/30/10)

Crop failures and drought within our children's lifetimes (By Steve Connor, The [UK] Independent, 11/30/10)

Making the Consumer an Active Participant in the Grid (By Erica Gies, The New York Times - Energy and Environment, 11/29/10)

Switching Gears: More Commuters Bike To Work (By Allison Aubrey, NPR - Morning Edition, 11/29/10)

Cycle City, USA: How Portland plans to become the first world-class bike city in America (By Jay Walljasper, Yes Magazine, 11/29/10)

Cancun climate change summit: scientists call for rationing in developed world - Global warming is now such a serious threat to mankind that climate change experts are calling for Second World War-style rationing in rich countries to bring down carbon emissions (By Louise Gray, The [UK] Telegraph, 11/29/10)

Coal Trends Still Rule Climate Talks (By Andrew C. Revkin, The New York Times - Dot Earth Blog, 11/29/10)

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