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Week of May 31, 2010

News from Across the USM Campuses

BP Prepares 'Top Kill' Plan (ABC's Good Morning America, 5/26/10) [Video cites Carys Mitchelmore of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science]

University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES) Scientists Respond to Gulf Oil Spill (UMCES Featured Project, UMCES web site, 5/24/10)

Chesapeake Bay Health Report Card Shows Broad Improvements in 2009: Annual geographically-detailed assessment reveals regional differences in Bay health (UMCES News and Events, UMCES web site, May 2010)

State of Maryland News

Gulf oil seeps into Maryland politics: O'Malley wants Obama's administration to take harder line against drilling; Ehrlich says U.S. should explore Alaska refuge first (By Annie Linskey, The Baltimore Sun, 5/31/10)

Gulf spill pinches Maryland seafood industry: Oysters, shrimp most affected, crabs ample for now but pricey (By Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun, 5/28/10)

Likelihood of the Gulf Oil Spill Affecting Maryland is Low (Maryland Department of the Environment - Emergency Response, 5/26/20)

National and International News

Best chance to stop Gulf oil leak 2 months away with relief well (By Matthew Brown, The Associated Press as reported by The Baltimore Sun, 5/31/10)

Oil spill creates huge undersea 'dead zones': Clouds of crude and chemical dispersants have formed in the Gulf of Mexico and oceanologists fear these could have devastating effects on the food chain (By Emily Dugan, the [UK] Independent, 5/30/10)

BP shifts to new strategy to cap Gulf spill: Obama says flow is 'as enraging as it is heartbreaking' after 'top kill' fails (The Associated Press and Reuters as reported by, 5/30/10)

BP's latest efforts haven't stopped flow of oil (By Vicki Needham, The Hill, 5/29/10)

An Unnatural Disaster (By Bob Herbert, The New York Times - Op Ed, 5/28/10)

Our Fix-It Faith and the Oil Spill (By Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times, 5/28/10)

Scientists Build Case for Undersea Plumes (By Justin Gillis, The New York Times, 5/28/10)

Obama's Katrina? Maybe Worse (By Frank Rich, The New York Times - Op Ed, 5/28/10)

22-mile oil plume under Gulf nears rich waters (By Matthew Brown and Jason Dearen, The Associated Press as reported by Yahoo News, 5/28/10)

Ex-EPA Officials: Why Isn't BP Under Criminal Investigation? (By Jason Leopold,, 5/28/10)

Obama calls oil spill 'assault on our shores': President visits Louisiana, says he will increase manpower in region (The Associated Press as reported by, 5/28/10)

Coverage of the BP oil spill (The Washington Post - Planet Panel, 5/26/10 and previous)

Polar bears face 'tipping point' due to climate change (By Matt Walker, BBC - Earth News, 5/25/10)

Sanyo EV Travels 624 Miles on One Charge (By Keith Barry, Wired Magazine, 5/25/10)

It's Really Over: Last HUMMER H3 Rolls Off Louisiana Line (By John Voelcker, The Car Connection, 5/25/10)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

U.S. Wasn't Ready for Major Spill: Despite Mature Off-Shore Oil Operations, Gulf Crews Are Improvising With Chemicals, Protective Boom And Outdated Maps (By Jeffrey Ball, Stephen Power and Neil King; The Wall Street Journal; 5/24/10)
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