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Week of December 19, 2011

News from Across the USM Campuses

UMCP Smart and Sustainable Campus Conference - Call for Proposals - Unlike other conferences, SSCC sets itself apart by creating a program that features in-depth discussions, dialogues and workshops. The program features: Traditional 40-minute presentations: Presentations, discussions, sharing in an interactive 40 minute session (presentation should be 30 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of Q & A); 80-minute hands-on workshops: Learning, dialogue and sharing in an interactive 80 minute session and Posters. The 2012 Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference welcomes presentation proposals linked to the 2012 conference tracks: 1. Life Cycle of the Built Environment  2. Community Connections 3. The Campus as a Learning Laboratory 4. Fostering Behavior Change 5. Strategic Implementation. Proposals must be received by January 5, 2012

Harbor cleanup plan stirs hope - what now? (By Tim Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun - B'More Green Blog, 12/15/11) [Article quotes Bill Dennison of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science]

Sustainability minor to launch next semester: Officials hope education will lead to more on-campus initiatives (By Claire Saravia, The Diamondback Online, 12/14/11)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

State of Maryland News

Maryland governor supports Constellation-Exelon deal (The Associated Press as reported by USA Today, 12/15/11)

MDE, Attorney General Enter into Agreement with Wheelabrator Baltimore, L.P. to Address Alleged Emissions Violations at Baltimore Facility: Settlement Agreement Follows Operational Failure, Failed Test for Mercury Limits, Includes $77,500 Penalty (Maryland Department of Natural Resources Press Release, 12/13/11)

City, counties foresee costly bay cleanup tab: Billions needed for runoff and septic controls around the state (By Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun - Green Living, 12/12/11)

Spreading green upon the waters: Toyota, Bay Trust give environmental grants (By Tim Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun - B'More Green Blog, 12/12/11)

National and International News

Texas Drought Takes Cow Numbers Down By 600K (By Betsy Blaney, The Huffington Post - Green Blog, 12/16/11)

VIDEO: Climate Hawks Whitehouse And Franken Hold Climate Crisis Colloquy (By Brad Johnson, Think Progress - Green Blog, 12/15/11) 

Soaring Oil and Food Prices Threaten Affordable Food Supply (By Richard Heinberg, The Post Carbon Institute as reported by The Energy Bulletin, 12/14/11)

Republicans turn Keystone XL pipeline into election issue (By Juliet Eilperin and Steven Mufson, The Washington Post - Energy and Environment, 12/14/11)

U.S. Envoy Relieved by Climate Talks' Outcome (By John M. Broder, The New York Times - Environment, 12/14/11)

High oil prices threaten global economy, IEA warns: Crude has jumped to $100 a barrel from $75 in October amid signs the US economy will likely avoid a recession (The Associated Press as reported by the [UK] Guardian - Business, 12/14/11)

Shock as Retreat of Arctic Sea Ice Releases Deadly Greenhouse Gas: Russian research team astonished after finding 'fountains' of methane bubbling to surface (By Steve Connor, The [UK] Independent as reported by, 12/14/11)

Air Too Dangerous to Breathe: How Gas Drilling Can Turn Rural Communities Into Industrial Wastelands [With Photos]: Drilling is just the tip of the iceberg. Compressor stations have been associated with significant headaches, bloody noses, skin lesions, blisters, and rashes. (By Nina Berman, - Environment, 12/13/11)

Groups Sue to Block Auction of Offshore Oil Leases (The Associated Press as reported by The New York Times, 12/13/11)

Farm Bill Climate Change Policies Could Help Or Hinder Sustainability Efforts (By Lynne Peeples, The Huffington Post - Green Blog, 12/13/11)

Canada's Kyoto Withdrawal: China, Japan And Other Nations React (Reuters as reported by The Huffington Post - Green Blog, 12/13/11 and updated 12/13/11)

Benchmark oil prices jump to near $100 a barrel on economic news, Iran supply concerns (The Associated Press as reported by The Washington Post, 12/13/11)

Can Wood Pellets and Corn Stover Replace Oil, Gas, and Coal? (By Lawrence Biemiller, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 12/12/11)

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