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Week of May 28, 2012

News from Across the USM Campuses

May 30th - Lecture by Tom Malone (UMCES/HPL) - "From the Challenger Expedition to the challenge of climate change (with some meanders along the way)", host, A. Santoro. This is a part of the Horn Point Lab Spring 2012 Seminar Series. This event will be held on Wednesday at 11:00am in the HPL auditorium in the Coastal Science Building.

Salisbury hopes to improve cyclists' routes (By Sarah Lake,, 5/25/12) [Salisbury University is one of 6 major destination points in the proposed cycle route]

J-1 Scholar Explores India's Sustainable Development (Salisbury University Press Release, 5/21/12)

State of Maryland News

BIKE FRIENDLY: Maryland, Delaware in Top 10 for hospitality to cyclists (, 5/24/12)

Digging into Climate Change, U.S. Students Find More Than Science (By Lisa Palmer and the Daily Climate, Scientific American, 5/22/12) [The article highlights a climate change education program developed by Wicomico County Public System teachers with the assistance of the Maryland Coastal Bays Program]

Climate Education Graduates to the Next Level (By Lisa Palmer and the Daily Climate, Scientific American, 5/21/12) [The article highlights a climate change education program at the Academy for Career and College Education in Baltimore, MD]

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

National and International News

Ignoring Protest and Warnings, Obama Ushers in Era of Unprecedented Arctic Drilling: The president, who once promised a 'transformative' approach to environmental policy has succumbed to tired thinking and political opportunism, say critics (By Common Dreams staff,, 5/24/12)

Why Don't TV Meteorologists Believe in Climate Change? Climate scientists agree in vast majority that human-caused global warming is occurring. But most U.S. weather forecasters don't. Why? (By Katherine Bageley, Inside Climate News as reported by, 5/23/12)

UN Chief: Ocean's Biodiversity Must Be Protected - Acidification, Over-Fishing Decimating World's Marine Ecosystems (By Common Dreams staff,, 5/23/12)

Climate Study: Extreme Rain Storms in Midwest Have Doubled in Last 50 Years, Often Leading to Worsened Flooding (By Editor, NRDC, Environmental News Network, 5/22/12)

G8's Camp David Declaration Supports Climate Change Action While Not Acknowledging Its Source (Mat McDermott,, 5/22/12)

Keystone XL Would Raise Gas Prices, Report Finds (By Lucia Graves, The Huffington Post - Green Blog, 5/22/12)

EU Rejects France's Ban on Monsanto's GM Corn (By Common Dreams staff,, 5/22/12)

What a Walkable City Should Look Like (By Kaid Benfield, The Atlantic Cities Blog, 5/22/12)

Climate models indicate likely El Nino return: Australia (By Colin Packham and Ratnajyoti Dutta, Reuters, 5/22/12)

Green Groups Urge Obama to Attend Rio+20: Obama has remained tight-lipped about his plans, and reluctant to make pronounced commitments and meaningful changes to US environmental policy (By Carey L. Biron, Inter Press Service as reported by, 5/22/12)

WWII Chemical Exposure May Pass Down Disease, Study Finds (By Ryan Flinn, Bloomberg News, 5/21/12)

U.S. Cyclists Save $4.6 Billion Per Year by Biking (By Stephen Messenger,, 5/21/12)

Methane unleashed from 150,000 'seeps' in Alaska and Greenland could have huge impact on world's climate (By Rob Waugh, The [UK] Daily Mail, 5/21/12)

Farmers' sand-frac nightmare: Some parts of rural America are being ruined by an unstoppable new mining industry -- and it's spreading (By Ellen Cantarow,, 5/21/12)

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