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Week of June 11, 2012

News from Across the USM Campuses

Wednesdays from 12 - 4pm - The Farmers Market at Maryland is located at Cole Field House on the campus of University of Maryland, College Park. The market provides a weekly opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to purchase healthy foods, fresh from local farms. Mark your calendar and join us every Wednesday for delicious local produce and live music. 

June 21-22 - ACUPCC Climate Leadership Summit, Washington, DC  (All University System of Maryland institutions are signatories of the ACUPCC's Presidents' Climate Commitment)

State of Maryland News

Thousands Attend the Green Schools Summit (By Wildlife Promise as reported by the National Wildlife Federation, 6/9/12)

The Green Street Academy (Reported by Tom Pelton, NPR/WYPR - The Environment in Focus, 6/6/12)

RGGI States Cut CO2 By 23 Percent In First Three Years (By Stephen Lacey, - Climate Progress, 6/5/12) [Maryland is a part of the 9-state RGGI initiative]

Analysis: Farm Bill Touches Food Stamps, Chesapeake Cleanup (By WAMU Staff, NPR/WAMU, 6/5/12)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

National and International News

"Sustainable" Has Become A Four Letter Word (By Lloyd Alter,, 6/8/12)

Peter Gleick reinstated by Pacific Institute following Heartland exposé:

Investigation finds that Gleick did not forge confidential documents he obtained from free-market Heartland Institute (By Suzanne Goldenberg, The [UK] Guardian, 6/7/12)

Which Cities Are Most Prepared for Climate Change? (By Nate Berg, The Atlantic Cities Blog, 6/6/12)

Earth Is Headed for Disaster, Interdisciplinary Scientific Review Concludes (By Paul Basken, The Chronicle of Higher Education - Government, 6/6/12)

Rio+ 20 Earth summit could collapse, WWF warns: Countries fail to agree on draft text for sustainable development goals and definition of key objectives including green economy (By John Vidal, The [UK] Guardian, 6/6/12)

World Energy Demand To Rise 40% By 2030, Chevron's Kirkland Says (By Dinakar Sethuraman, Bloomberg News, 6/5/12)

Must-See Colbert Report On North Carolina GOP Bill To Make Use Of Climate Science Illegal (By Joe Romm,, 6/5/12)

The Rise of the Citizen Cyclist (By Sarah Goodyear, The Atlantic Cities Blog, 6/5/12)

24 Policies to End the Earth Emergency: World Future Council presents 24 tipping-point policies needed to preserve a habitable planet (By Stephen Leahy, Inter Press Service as reported by, 6/5/12)

BP accused of attack on academic freedoms after scientists subpoenaed: Oceanographers say they fear erosion of scientific process after they were forced to turn over emails related to BP oil spill (By Suzanne Goldenberg, The [UK] Guardian, 6/4/12)

How The Press Distorts The News About US Energy Security - The facts are compelling: our oil addiction is destroying the country. But as long as the media refuses to talk about it, we won't get policies that lead to real change. (BY Jocelyn Fong, Media Matters for America, 6/4/12)

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