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Week of July 30, 2012

News from Across the USM Campuses

Heroes of the Half Shell (By Jane Margolies, Spirit Magazine, July 2012)[Article features Don "Mutt" Meritt of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science's Horn Point Laboratory Oyster Hatchery]

UMES' Forsythe to leave post: Vice president for Technology and Commercialization resigns (By Liz Holland,, 7/24/12)

State of Maryland News

Governor O'Malley announces 28 New Bikeways Grant Winners: $3.13 Million in Projects Will Provide Key Bike Network Connections (Maryland Department of Transportation Press Release, 7/24/12)

B'More Recycling- Far lower than previously thought; What's up with southern Essex 4% recycling rate? (By Laura Peltier, The Baltimore Sun - B'More Green Blog, 7/24/12)

Baltimore Area Awarded 4 Bikeways Grants: Baltimore City and Baltimore County have been awarded two Bikeways grants each (By the Maryland Department of Transportation, 7/24/12)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

National and International News

Climate change study forces sceptical scientists to change minds: Earth's land shown to have warmed by 1.5C over past 250 years, with humans being almost entirely responsible (By Leo Hickman, The [UK] Guardian, 7/29/12)

The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic (By Richard A. Muller, The New York Times - Opinion Pages, 7/28/12)

Bombshell: Koch-Funded Study Finds ‘Global Warming Is Real', ‘On The High End' And ‘Essentially All' Due To Carbon Pollution (By Joe Romm, - Climate Progress, 7/28/12)

US agricultural exports become costly amid drought: The US drought will be little more than a nuisance for China, but it's a nuisance the government could do without (By Benjamin Carlson, Global Post as reported by, 7/26/12)

'Not a Mistake': NASA in Disbelief over Area of Melting Ice: Greenland ice sheet melted an unprecedented area during July (By Common Dreams Staff,, 7/25/12)

Weather Extremes Leave Parts of U.S. Grid Buckling (By Matthew L. Wald and John Schwartz, The New York Times - US, 7/25/12)

London's showcase of sustainable living (By Kaid Benfield, Natural Resources Defense Council - Switchboard Blog, 7/24/12)

What Five Oil Companies Did With Their $375 Million In Daily Profits (By Rebecca Leber, - Climate Progress, 7/24/12)

Climate change and the American West: Fires and drought point to a new normal for the region (By William deBuys, TomDispatch as reported by, 7/24/12)

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