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Week of August 6, 2012

News from Across the USM Campuses

NOAA moving forecasting center to College Park (By Ted Trautman, The Washington Post, 8/4/12)

UM oceanographer tracks rising water levels in Chesapeake Bay: Professor's research shows region is vulnerable to land submerging under water (By Barbara Pash,, 8/3/12) [Dr. Ming Li is a professor at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science]

UMES to host small farm tour (, 8/1/12)


State of Maryland News

Drought Warning in Effect for Eastern Maryland - Rainfall, groundwater levels and streamflow below normal on Maryland's Eastern Shore; Areas of Central Maryland not served by public water remain in "watch" status (Social Media News Release, Maryland Department of the Environment, 8/6/12)

285 Young People Graduate from Conservation Jobs Corps: Successful summer parks program now in its fifth year (Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Press Release, 8/3/12)

Governor O'Malley Kicks Off The Stream Restoration Challenge:

New grant program open to local governments, schools and NGOs (Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Press Release, 8/3/12)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

National and International News

Obama Administration Abandons Two-Degree Commitment Made In 2010 (By Brad Johnson, - Climate Progress, 8/6/12)

Research Links Extreme Summer Heat Events to Global Warming (NASA, Press Release, 8/6/12)

Keystone XL pipeline may threaten aquifer that irrigates much of the central U.S. (By Steven Mufson, The Washington Post - Health and Science, 8/6/12)

The Vast Potential For Renewable Energy In The American West (By Jessica Goad, Daniel J. Weiss, and Richard W. Caperton, - Climate Progress, 8/6/12)

Global Warming's Terrifying New Math: Three simple numbers that add up to global catastrophe - and that make clear who the real enemy is (By Bill McKibben, Rolling Stone, 8/2/12)

Senators fiddle while nation burns (By Scott Rosenberg, - Climate and Energy, 8/2/12)

Stop this culture of paying politicians for denying climate change: Protecting the environment requires a sweeping reform of political funding, only then corporations will stop throwing big money at senators (By George Monbiot, The [UK] Guardian George Monbiot's Blog, 8/2/12)

Americans Happy with Smaller Vehicles, Downsizing Trend Continues (By Michael Graham Richard,, 8/1/12)

Scientists Tell Senate Panel: Climate Change Is Here and Disaster Costs Will Be Huge (By Common Dreams Staff,, 8/1/12)

Global warming may lead to ‘Miami Beach in Boston' situation unless urgent action is taken: IEA Deputy Executive Director says there is no single magic bullet that will address all of today's energy challenges (IEA News Room, 7/31/12)

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