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Week of December 24, 2012

News from Across the USM Campuses

Jan. 1st - Conference registration opens for Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference - Colleges and universities are incubators of innovation, tackling the biggest challenges of society through creative means. The 2013 Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference provides the setting to learn, share and explore how campuses are using their passion for innovation to develop technologies, infrastructure, programs and curricula that address the world's most pressing sustainability challenges. Registration

Environmental Insights magazine (Published by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, December 2012)

LEED Gold Certification Awarded to UMD for Chincoteague Hall Renovation Project (University of Maryland Division of Administration and Finance, December 2012)

 State of Maryland News

Eastern Shore farmers, Perdue win pollution lawsuit: Federal judge rules Waterkeeper group failed to make case (By Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun, 12/20/12)

Towson Bike Beltway Discussed in Public Meeting (By John Meoli, The Baltimore Sun, 12/18/12)

Baltimore County to preserve 38 acres in Perry Hall (By Alison Knezevich, The Baltimore Sun, 12/17/12)

 National and International News

Climate Risks Have Been Underestimated for the Last 20 Years: The world's most authoritative voice on climate science has consistently understated the rate and intensity of climate change and the danger those impacts represent, say a growing number of studies. (By Glenn Scherer, Daily Climate as reported by - Environment Blog, 12/20/12)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

Report: Ecosystems in Upheaval, Biodiversity in Collapse - New study documenting climate change shows sweeping changes happening faster than previously recorded and bringing 'cascading effects' (By Andrea Germanos,, 12/20/12)

How Bad Will Climate Change Get for the Eastern U.S.? Look at These Crazy Maps (By Emily Badger, The Atlantic Cities - Neighborhood Blog, 12/19/12)

Foot forward: Walkability is the key to fixing cities (By Andrew Zaleski,, 12/18/12)

Robert Kaluza, Donald Vidrine Trial: Judge Delays BP Supervisors' Case Until 2014 (The Huffington Post - Green log, 12/18/12)

Coal Consumption Booms Amid Rising Climate Concerns: IEA Coal Report 2012 (By Tom Zeller, Jr., The Huffington Post - Green Blog, 12/18/12)

As Secretary of State, John Kerry Would Be a Climate Hawk (By Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones Magazine, 12/17/12)

Rock blasting set on drought-plagued Miss. River (By Jim Suhr and Jim Salter, The Associated Press as reported by USA Today, 12/17/12)

Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels Make Forests Work Overtime: Harvard Forest's response to CO2 reveals past and future for the New England landscape (National Science Foundation Special Report, 12/17/12)

November Is Globe's 333rd Straight Month of Warm Temps (By Andrew Freedman,, 12/17/12)

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