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Week of February 4, 2013

News from Across the USM Campuses

Marylanders Urged To Pitch In And 'Reclaim The Bay' (By Alexandra Fries on Mon,

CBS Baltimore, 1/31/13) [Article quotes Dr. Donald F. Boesch, President of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science]

Going car-free could yield huge savings (By Kelsi Loos, Frederick News-Post, 1/30/13)[Article quotes Frostburg State University professor, Henry Bullamore]

Tracking Tree Genes In Maryland Requires Helping Hands (By Sabri Ben-Achour, National Public Radio - WAMU, 1/30/13)

Frostburg State University Honored as a Tree Campus USA (FSU News Release, 1/29/13)

 State of Maryland News

1-30-13: Rural Counties Refuse to Obey Anti-Sprawl Law (Reported by Tom Pelton, National Public Radio - WYPR - The Environment in Focus, 1/30/13)

2013 Named 'Year Of The Chesapeake Bay' (By Sabri Ben-Achour, National Public Radio - WAMU - Environment, 1/30/13)  

Ahead Of The Curve On Curbside Composting? (By Jacob Fenston, National Public Radio - WAMU - Environment, 1/30/13)  

Nutrient Trading to Target Chesapeake Bay's Water Quality: Will the latest pollution ‘solution' hurt minorities and the poor? (By Rena Steinzor and Nick Vidargas, The Abell Report - January 2013, 1/29/13)

 National and International News

Chu Resigns, Writes Of Our ‘Moral Responsibility' For Action Amid Growing Evidence We're Making Weather More Extreme: Given that he has not spoken out strongly on the climate crisis since the start of his term, his words on the subject are striking. (By Joe Romm, Climate as reported by - Environment Blog, 2/1/13)

Three States Pushing ALEC Bill To Require Teaching Climate Change Denial In Schools (By Steve Horn, DeSmogBlog as reported by, 1/31/13)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

Shell acquitted of Nigeria pollution charges: The case involved five allegations of oil spills in Nigeria, four of which were quashed by the court (By Fiona Harvey and Afua Hirsch, The [UK] Guardian, 1/30/13)

All Three Senators Who Voted Against John Kerry Are Pro-Keystone XL, Anti-Science, Climate Deniers (By Brendan Demelle,, 1/30/13)

Failing Coral Reefs Pushing Marine Ecosystems Towards Tipping Point

Scientists call for 'urgent action' to prevent further deterioration of essential marine ecosystems (By Lauren McCauley,, 1/29/13)

Keep dirty oil out of New England (By Jody Williams, The Boston Globe - Opinion, 1/29/13)

David vs. Goliath: Keystone XL Multinational Bullies Pipeline Protestors into Settlement

Tar sands activists vow to keep fighting despite repressive tactics (By Lauren McCauley,, 1/29/13)

Yale Poll Finds Climate Change Action Is A Political Winner (By Joe Romm, - Climate Progress Blog, 1/29/13)

Livestock falling ill in fracking regions, raising concerns about food (By Elizabeth Royte, The Ecologist as reported by Environmental News Network, 1/28/13)

Midday on Science - Global Warming: Monday January 28, 1-2 p.m. (National Public Radio - WYPR - Midday with Dan Rodricks, 1/28/13)

U.S. polluting water it may someday drink: Regulators have long deemed deep aquifers too expensive to tap, but what happens if traditional reservoirs dry up? (By Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica as reported by, 1/28/13)

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