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Week of February 18, 2013

News from Across the USM Campuses

Feb. 19th - "Is Sustainability Sustainable?" Dr. Marla MacIntosh, Professor of Plant Science, University of Maryland, College Park. This talk is a part of the Sustainable Tuesdays Series, co-Sponsored by the University Office of Sustainability, and ARCH 289i: Sustainability and the University of Maryland, Ralph Bennett, Professor (Emeritus), Instructor. This talk will be held at 4:30 pm in the auditorium of the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park.

Feb. 26th - SEAGreen Career and Internship Fair 2013 - The fair will be held from 11:00am-3:00pm in the Colony Ballroom of the Stamp Student Union, on the University of Maryland, College Park campus. This event is designed to enhance awareness of environmental, sustainability and agriculture careers and employment opportunities. It will bring together public and private sector employers, campus student groups and selected university departmental majors whose expertise and interests lie in this area.

NSF grant awarded to predict how trees will adapt to effects of rapid climate change (UMCES Environmental Insights magazine, February 2013)

State of Maryland News

O'Malley, Miller to rally Wednesday for Maryland offshore wind (By Gary Haber, Baltimore Business Journal, 2/12/13)

Commissioners Celebrate Opening of Renewable Energy Center (, 2/12/13)

Maryland Ocean Turbines Seen Powering U.S. Offshore Power (By Jim Snyder and Justin Doom, Bloomberg News, 2/11/13)

National and International News

Industrial Farming Spurs Devastating 'Web' of Air and Water Pollution: New report analyzes impact of excessive nitrogen and phosporous in our ecosystems (By Lauren McCauley,, 2/18/13)

Thousands Gathered For Climate Change Rally In D.C. (Reported by Matt Laslo, National Public Radio - WAMU, 2/17/13)

Tar Sands: Poisoning Earth and Canada's Good Name (By Yves Engler,, 2/15/13)

Sanders and Boxer introduce ‘fee and dividend' climate bill; greens tickled pink (By Lisa Hymas,, 2/15/13)

USM Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

Scientists Confirm: Arctic Sea Ice 'Collapse' at Our Door: Warming planet and new evidence portend future of ice-free Arctic (By Jacob Chamberlain,, 2/15/13)

Secret funding of climate sceptics is not restricted to the US: In the UK, wealthy rightwing donors also finance campaigns against policies to reduce greenhouse gases (By Bob Ward, The [UK] Guardian, 2/15/13)

Habitat Loss and Changing Climate Driving Reptiles to Extinction: New report finds nearly one in five reptiles under serious threat (By Lauren McCauley,, 2/15/13)

Thawing Permafrost May Be "Huge Factor" in Global Warming (By Stephen Leahy, Inter Press Service, 2/14/13)

VIDEO: Boston Meteorologist Links New England Blizzard To Climate Change (By Jeff Spross, - Climate Progress Blog, 2/14/13)

Obama: If Congress won't act on climate change, I will (By Lisa Hymas,, 2/13/13)

Nearly 50 Climate Activists Arrested Outside Obama's White House: We're not protesting against Obama, say groups, we're applying the pressure he's requested (By Jon Queally,, 2/13/13)

Obama Climate Change Poll Finds Majority Supports 'Significant Steps' To Tackle Problem (By Luke Johnson, The Huffington Post - Green Blog, 2/13/13)

GOP ‘Savior' Marco Rubio Mocks Climate Change (By Adam Peck, - Climate Progress blog, 2/13/13)

Arrests Underway as Climate Activists Pressure Obama Outside White House

We're not protesting against Obama, say groups, we're applying the pressure he's requested (By Jon Queally,, 2/13/13)

Cars and Robust Cities Are Fundamentally Incompatible (By Chris McCahill and Norman Garrick, The Atlantic Cities Blog, 2/12/13)

Extreme weather, climate change linked (By Juliet Eilperin, The Washington Post - Post Politics, 2/12/13)

Colourful 'solar glass' means entire buildings can generate clean power: British firm develops colourful, transparent solar cells that will add just 10% to glass buildings' cost (By Adam Vaughan, The [UK] Guardian, 2/12/13)

How to Build a Better Bike Lane (and Get More People Out on Bikes) (By Sarah Goodyear, The Atlantic Cities Blog, 2/12/13)

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