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Week of June 17, 2013


News from Across the USM Campuses

New study shows that limiting fishing and improving habitat would allow oyster population to rebound more quickly (Chesapeake Bay Laboratory, Press Release, 6/13/13)

UMD Scientists Show Environmental Impacts of Trade (UMD Right Now, Press Release, 6/10/13)

Good Tidings Catering Company is proud to open Green Tidings - a mobile food truck serving the University of Maryland Campus. We feature local, sustainable food and a offer new menu every two weeks!! Good Tidings Executive Chef Will Rogers and his team are excited to work with local farmers and to showcase their culinary skills! (University of Maryland Dining, What's New, June 2013)


State of Maryland News

O'Malley lobbies EPA to ease cruise ship pollution rule (The Baltimore Sun, By Timothy B. Wheeler, 6/16/13)

Board of Public Works Approves Funding for Clean Water and the Chesapeake Bay: Grants Will Reduce Nutrient Pollution, Conserve Water, Improve Infrastructure  (Maryland Department of the Environment, Press Release, 6/13/13)

Governor Martin O'Malley Appoints Abigail Ross Hopper, Esq. Director of the Maryland Energy Administration (The Governor's Blog, Office of Governor Martin O'Malley, 6/12/13)

Maryland Green Registry Leadership Awards Announced: Members Report $74 million In Savings Through Environmental Practices (Maryland Department of the Environment, Social Media News Release, 6/12/13)


National and International News

When Drones Guard the Pipeline: The Militarization of Our Fossil Fuels - The militarization of the energy fields is not new. It's just more apparent when it's in a first world country. (By Winona LeDuke and Frank Molley, Honor the Earth as reported by, 6/17/13)

June 17 News: Tar Balls Continue To Wash Up On Gulf Coast Beaches (By Ryan Koronowski, - Climate Progress Blog, 6/17/13)

Obama's Keystone Silence Is Driving Green-Activists Away (By Lisa Lerer and Julie Bykowicz, Bloomberg News, 6/17/13)

You want to ration my what? (By Don Fitz,, 6/17/13)

A Franke discussion: How one artist fought back when the feds tried to shut her up (By Claire Thompson,, 6/17/13)

Fracking Is Already Straining U.S. Water Supplies: Some of America's most intensive oil and gas development is occurring in drought-prone regions where water is scarce. (By Tom Kentworthy, as reported by - Environment Blog, 6/15/13)

This is what your supermarket would look like if all the bees died off (By Holly Richmond,, 6/14/13)

Pentagon bracing for public dissent over climate and energy shocks: NSA Prism is motivated in part by fears that environmentally-linked disasters could spur anti-government activism (By Nafeed Ahmed, The [UK] Guardian - Earth InsightBlog, 6/14/13)

How climate change climbed up the business agenda: The problem is not just an issue for activists, as extreme weather events put sustainability centre stage for business (By Brendan LeBlanc, The [UK] Guardian, 6/14/13)

Map: Places That Will Flood More Often Due to Global Warming: Projected changes in flood hazard areas by 2100, mapped. (By Kate Sheppard and James West,, 6/14/13)

FEMA report: Climate change could increase areas at risk of flood by 45 percent (By James West and Kate Sheppard,, 6/13/13)

Chevron CEO admits fracking raises "legitimate" safety concerns (By John Upton,, 6/13/13)

Congressman Demands Obama Apologize To Oklahoma For Investing In Climate Change Research (By Rebecca Leber, - Climate Progress Blog, 6/12/13)

New tool shows you how much money you can save by switching to an electric car (By Jess Zimmerman,, 6/12/13)

The U.S. government is the fourth biggest greenhouse gas polluter in the country (By Sarah Laskow,, 6/11/13)

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