Council of University System Faculty


(Source: E.W. Chapin, Secretary)

Permanent Committees:

Academic Affairs: What is teaching?, distance and on-line learning, relations with community colleges, intercampus collaboration, the research/teaching interface, the twelve-hour non-traditionalrequirement, clinical and other special modes of teaching. V. Brannigan (chair), J. Gustafson, M. Heisler, S. Jacobs, A. D. James, A. Lagnese, D. Pryor, K. Rotruck, W. Stuart.

Faculty Affairs: Workload questions, quality of life questions; how is shared governance doing on the various campuses?, graduate vs. undergraduate teaching,  systems appeals. P. Alt (chair), J. Collins, D. Hardcastle, E. Onyeozili, J. C. Stevenson.

Administrative and Financial Affairs: Work toward legislative testimony, questions of salary levels, the nature of peers, campus budgetary processes and their transparency. F. Alt (chair), R. M. Garner, J. McMullin,  T. Norcio,  J. Shirazi, J. Tenney.

Legislative Affairs: Agenda to be announced. S. Gibson (chair), A. Kreizenbeck.

Membership and Rules: Conduct elections, work with website administrator, act as a committee on committees. E. W. Chapin (chair), A. Arthur J. Collins.

Other Committees:

Student Research Day: Need to continue this highly positive and successful venture; need commitments from USM on date, venue, support. M. Siegel (chair) D. Gulick, J. McMillan, J. Tenney.

Systems Appeals / Ombudsman: Create an ombudsman or ombuds-committee within CUSF in view of the lack of acceptance of systems appeals procedures suggested last year. M. Siegel (chair), M. Harris, M. McClure, D. Parker.

Regents’ Faculty Awards: Need to push campuses, both through Administrations and Senates, to get good recommendations in to the committee early. J. Zimmerman (chair), M. Harris, J. Tenney.

K-16: Dealing with the statewide plan for higher education, quality control, working with the community colleges, getting dollars to improve teacher preparation, quality control for college-level courses taught in high school. A. Pandey, chair. (More members needed on this committee.)

Chairperson’s Workshop: New Chairs Meeting will probably be held on the same day as the January CUSF meeting again to facilitate interaction. M. McClure, chair. (More members needed on this committee.)