Council of University System Faculty


Academic Affairs (AA): Kim Rotruck (Chair); Zane Berge; Denny Gulick; John Gustafson; Steve Jacobs; Joan Langdon; Robert Larivee; Joyce Currie Little; Elizabeth Mulroy; Joyce Shirazi; Bill Stuart; Goran Trajkowski. Agenda: curriculum; interaction with Provosts and BOR Ed Policy Committee; missions of institutions; K-16.

Administrative and Fiscal Affairs (AFA): Dennis Coates (Chair); Memo Diricker; Mike Garner; Marymal Holmes; Elizabeth Mulroy; Steven Schwinn. Agenda: questions of salary levels; the nature of peers; benefits; campus budgetary processes and their transparency.

Chairpersons Workshop (CW): Martha Siegel (Chair); Deloris James. Agenda: Facilitate CUSF interaction with the New Chairs Meeting of January 16, 2007 (simultaneous with the January CUSF meeting).

Faculty Affairs (FA): Rahim Ashkeboussi (Chair); Roberta Adams; Paul Flexner; Rosemary Jagus; Deloris James; Alan Lyles; Elizabeth Mulroy; Emmanuel Onyeozili; Joyce Shirazi; Martha Siegel. Agenda: definition of "dependent"; flexible tenure; early retirement; ORP; benefits for FT-NTT and PT-NTT faculty; tuition benefits for faculty dependents; faculty union; cost of living adjustment (COLA); health care benefits for current faculty and faculty opting for early retirement; emeritus faculty.

K-16 (K16): Bill Stuart (Chair); Deloris James; Joan Langdon; Joyce Currie Little; Kim Rotruck. Agenda: Deal with the statewide plan for higher education; quality control; work with the community colleges; get dollars to improve teacher preparation; quality control for college-level courses taught in high school.

Legislative Affairs (LA): Lee Richardson (Chair); Vincent Brannigan; Patricia Cossard; Lori Harris; Mary Johantgen; Joyce Shirazi; Goran Trajkowski. Agenda: work toward legislative testimony; monitor legislative docket.

Membership and Rules (MR): Bill Chapin (Chair); Alcott Arthur; John Collins; Rodger Harvey; Agenda: conduct elections, verify membership, advise web site administrator, update CUSF Constitution and By-Laws; act as a committee on committees.

Recognition Committee (RC): Pat Alt (Co-Chair); Joyce Tenney (Co-Chair); Alcott Arthur; Rose Jagus; Joyce Shirazi; Martha Siegel; Court Stevenson. Agenda: provide everything needed to continue the highly positive and successful Student Research Day; urge campus administrators and Faculty Senates to submit nominations for Regents Faculty Awards; evaluate the nominees and make recommendations for awards.

Systems Appeals / Ombudsman (SAO): Dave Parker (Chair). Agenda: create an ombudsman or ombuds-committee within CUSF in view of the lack of acceptance of systems appeals procedures suggested last year.

Policy Violation Review (PVR): Dave Parker (Chair); Alcott Arthur; Joel Cohen; Jay Zimmerman. Review faculty policy violation complaints and make recommendations to the Chancellor and faculty member.