Council of University System Faculty

CUSF Meeting of March 18, 2003



MARCH 18, 2003

Delegates Present  Drs. F. Alt (UMCP), P. Alt (TU), A. Arthur (CSC), V. Brannigan (UMCP), C. Burry (UMB), W.E. Chapin (Past-President), R. Chennette (UMB), J. Collins (UMBI), R. Michael Garner (SU – Alternate), J. Gelatt (UMUC), S. Gibson (UB), S. Havas (UMB), A. Huseonica (UMUC), S. Jacobs (UMB), R. Jagus (UMBI), B. Laufer (TU), J. Lombardi (FSU - Alternate), M. McClive (FSU), M. Mumper (FSU), B. Noonan (UMES), A. Norcio (UMBC), K. Olson (UMCP), J. Organ (BSU), W.E. Orser (UMBC), A. Pandey (SU), D. Parker (CUSF Chair), L. Richardson (UB), M. Siegel (TU), C. Smith (UMCP), J.C. Stevenson (UMCES), W. Stuart (UMCP), J. Tenney (UMBC – Alternate), Z. Bergr (UMBC). 

Delegates Absent< None

Delegates ExcusedP. Alreck (SU), M. Diriker (SU), D. Spinner (UMES)

Guests   Dr. Gerald A. Heeger, President, UMUC; Dr. Nicholas H. Allen, Chief Academic Officer and Provost, UMUC; Dr. Robert W. Jerome, Assistant Provost, Faculty and International Affairs, UMUC; Dr. Ruth Robertson, USM; and Dr. Nancy Shapiro, USM,

 Dr. Parker called the meeting to order at 10:00 am and welcomed Drs. Jim Gelatt and Art Huseonica who introduced the President of UMUC, Dr. Gerald Heeger; the Chief Academic Officer and Provost, Dr. Nicholas Allen; and the Assistant Provost, Faculty and International Affairs, Dr. Robert Jerome. Dr. Heeger welcomed all for the first CUSF meeting at UMUC and expressed appreciation for the work CUSF has done for the USM, particularly at this time of budget crisis. He stressed that it is imperative all of USM work with the legislators, through this trying time, and further challenged CUSF to have a conversation with the legislature in terms of long-term goals and where the future lies for USM. Last, he discussed the importance of educating the legislature about higher education.

Approval of December 2002 minutes: Approved

Approval of January 2003 minutes: Hold until next meeting

Approval of EC February 3, 2003 minutes: Approved

Approval of EC March 3, 2003 minutes: hold until next meeting

CUSF Nominations  The following individuals were nominated:

Chair  David Parker, SU; Martha Siegel, TU; Carl Smith, UMCP

Vice Chair  John Collins, UMBI; Stephanie Gibson, UB; Carl Smith, UMCP; Martha Siegel, TU; Vince Brannigan, UMCP

Secretary: Pat Alt, TU; Bill Chapin, UMES

At-Large (2)  Vince Brannigan, UMCP; Pat Alt, TU; Bill Chapin, UMES; Carl Smith, UMCP; Marci McClive, FSU; William Stuart, UMCP

Motion was passed to close nominations. 

A motion was passed to alter the agenda to discuss the budgetary crisis. Discussion centered on lobbying the legislature concerning the additional cut of $37 million dollars. The Senate met and discussed a cut of $2 million dollars. A Conference Committee will now be convened to determine how large a cut will be made to higher education.

A motion was passed for CUSF members and other USM faculty, staff and students to go to Annapolis, Tuesday (March 18th) and Thursday (March 20th) to speak with delegates about the budget, as well as hold a press conference on Thursday, March 20th. An amendment was defeated for members to go only on Thursday, March 20th

A large portion of the meeting was utilized to craft the Talking Points to be discussed at the March 20th rally. CUSF members were recruited to construct these points. 

A motion was passed regarding dissatisfaction with the Board of Regents and the current budget situation. “CUSF is unwilling to accept the slide into mediocrity regarding the current budget crisis. The citizens and students of Maryland deserve better, and CUSF expects the Board to advocate the interest of the System as aggressively as possible, with both the legislature and the Governor.” 

It was stressed that an announcement be made by CUSF members to their various campuses (faculty, staff and students) about the activities that are taking place on Thursday, March 20th

Lunch – 11:45 

Reconvene: 12:30 

Further discussion about the Talking Points ensued and a general agreement was made that Dr. Gibson would finalize the Talking Points and email a copy to all CUSF members prior to the March 20th rally. In addition, copies will be available for distribution to delegates and any members of the press who may be in Annapolis on March 20th.

USM Report:

Dr. Robertson announced that the USM Regent Faculty Awards will be given out April 11th at the BOR Meeting at Towson University. Information concerning the awards is posted on the USM website.

The Elkins Professorship Award deadline is April 17, 2003. The $80,000 award, which will be shared between two (2) faculty members, is available to USM as well as outside faculty members.  

The Regents Professorships are lifetime awards that do not carry a large stipend, but does carry the title of Professorship, and represents the top faculty in the USM.

New Business

FSU representatives announced that their campus is going through the process of reviewing compliance issues concerning Intellectual Property, and asked members present for feedback concerning their IP policies.

Adjournment: 2:25 pm