Council of University System Faculty

CUSF Meeting of May 15, 2003


May 15, 2003

Delegates Present: Drs. P. Alt (TU), A. Arthur (CSC), W.E. Chapin (Past-Chair), J. Collins (UMBI), C. Burry (UMB), R. Michael Garner (SU), S. Gibson (UB), S. Havas (UMB), S. Jacobs (UMB), J. Lombardi (FSU), B. Laufer (TU), M. Mumper (FSU – Alternate), B. Noonan (UMES), J. Organ (BSU), W.E. Orser (UMBC), A. Pandey (SU), D. Parker (Chair), L. Richardson (UB), M. Siegel (TU), J. Stevenson (UMCES), J. Tenney (UMBC – Alternate)

Delegates Absent: None

Delegates Excused:F. Alt (UMCP, V. Brannigan (UMCP), R. Chenette (UMB), J. Gelatt (UMUC), R. Jagus (UMBI), K. Olson (UMCP), C. Smith (UMCP), W. Stuart (UMCP)

Guests:Dr. Ron Legon, Provost, UB; Dr. Ruth Robertson, USM, and Dr. Nancy Shapiro, USM; Dr. Rolande Murray (CSC – Faculty Senate Chair)

Greetings from the Campus

Dr. Parker called the meeting to order at 10:00 am and Dr. Stephanie Gibson introduced the Provost Dr. Ron Legon who welcomed CUSF members to UB. Dr. Legon reiterated the importance of CUSF and asked members for creative ideas and feedback regarding these trying times in the budget, i.e., projected $74 million dollar cut across the USM, tuition increases, and how to preserve programs.  Questions arose about how UB will manage the budget crisis.  The Provost discussed that the three schools are in the process of trying to get the faculty involved in shared governance.  The Business School is presently in discussion with the administration about shared governance, and the issue, at present, is unresolved.  A plea from CUSF went out to Dr. Legon to share CUSF’s strong belief that shared governance is critical to the USM’s mission.  Another question arose about how to incorporate faculty into the budget crisis.  At UB, cuts were done from the bottom up – 6% budget reduction – working with division chairs, plans were approved at the campus level.  Now, UB must go beyond the 6% reduction and are in the process of figuring out how to divide the additional cuts between the divisions.  The Provost expressed his belief that sharing information with the parties involved, particularly in these times of budget crisis is crucial.

Approval of Minutes - April 16, 2003 minutes – approved with changes.

Elect at-large members:The two members elected were: R.Michael Garner, SU; and Lee Richardson, UB

CUSF By-Laws Changes Action: Proposed By-Laws changes

John Collins – Proposed changes:  web site administrator be a member of the EC

Discussion surrounded those in favor of and those against the proposed changes.  The importance of the position was not disputed.  Term limits, election, voting privileges were the issues surrounding the main points made.  One suggestion made was to invite the webmaster to the EC meetings, they would not be able to vote, and inquiry would be made for remuneration for the work done.

Suggestion was made that the CUSF Chair speak with the Chancellor’s office about receiving remuneration for the web site administrator.

Committee of the Whole – Straw Poll: 

Non-voting:  yea

Member of EC: nay

Compensation: yea

Appointed by the EC:  yea

Reappointed annually by the EC:  yea

Web site administrator must be a member of CUSF: nay

Motion was passed to commit the web site administrator issue to the Executive Committee.

Action:  Committee on Membership and Rules

Motion was passed to vote on all housekeeping issues with renumbering

Article 2.2 – Reapportionment – to make sure that each institutions has at least 2 representatives – it helps the reapportionment process more streamlined. 

Motion was passed to accept Article 2.2

Article 2.3 – motion was passed to accept Article 2.3

Article 2.4 – motion was passed to accept Article 2.4

Article 2.5 and 2.6:  Each delegation shall appoint and identify to the Executive Committee one member as the delegation’s campus liaison. 

Change food to refreshment

Motion was passed to accept Article 2.5 and 2.6

Article 2.7: The first subsequent meeting of the academic year

Motion was passed to accept the remaining by-laws package in its’ entirety. 

CUSF members were asked to send the new delegate members to the Executive Committee for next year.

Discussion of 2002-2003 CUSF Calendar

Motion was passed to accept the 2002-2003 CUSF Calendar Dates and that the Executive Committee delegate where each meeting take place, e.g., which campus will the meetings take place.

Discussion and Action:  Policy on Professional Commitment on Faculty

Dr. Robertson presented the Policy on Professional Commitment on Faculty.  Discussion surrounded the policy and changes made.

A motion was passed (14 to 3) that CUSF support the policy with the exception of the words “three credit hours” in IV. B. Move to amend the motion to include:  statement under the purpose that the purpose of the document is to prohibit abusers.  Voted down.

Lunch – 12:00 pm

Reconvene – 12:45 pm

H.  Discussion: Budget Cuts

Don Boesch made apologies about not attending.  The Chancellor is not accepting the Governor’s position (accepting $74 million) at this time.  What the Chancellor is looking for are stories from the faculty of those who are leaving or those who will not be recruited.

Effects on Academic Programs:  This is where students will come in – will they be able to graduate in 4 years? Cutting down on the number of sections may not necessarily be a problem, however, when there are mathematics majors who want to graduate in 4 years, but there are not the requisite number of courses for those students.  These individuals will then have to wait to graduate.

A question arose as to how campuses are dealing with the budget crisis:

UB – President has not made decision about where cuts will be made (e.g., across board, or individually).

UMCES – Have a $23 million dollar new building, but do not know if they will be able to open and operate.  Have not bought any new books.

UMES – Furlough days – depended upon the salary made

Discussion surrounded how faculty can become involved in the budget process on each of the campuses.

Suggestion was made to support the collective bargaining units on each of the campuses.  It was strongly urged the CUSF consider passing a resolution so that all constituencies work together.

CSC – Shared governance was discussed with the new President.  A meeting was scheduled in June with the President in an effort to help him deal with the proposed budget cuts.

FSU – told campus that a plan was in place, but that she was not at liberty to tell the campus what was happening

A suggestion was made that the CUSF Executive Committee craft a letter to each of the USM Senate Chairs regarding the budget crisis and the importance of shared governance.  Furthermore, we are more than interested parties, and are deeply concerned about these cuts and the impact that these cuts will have on the USM.

Discussion:  Evaluation of administrators

Suggestion that a letter go out to all Senate Chairs that this process be put into place.  The CUSF Chair agreed to send the letter to the Senate Chairs,

Brief Reports

VCAA Search – Recommendations (3) have gone to Chancellor (Provost, Vice Chancellor’s Office and Regents interviewed the three) – no decision has been made.

AAAC – Dr. Mumper reported that Dr. Larry Leak, Asst. Superintendent for MSDE discussed NCLB, and how this will affect K-12, and the impact this will have on higher education, i.e., educating those “unqualified” teachers.  It is one of the largest unfunded mandates.  (See handout by Mary Mumper)

Dr. Collins suggested that it is important that we have an individual attend all of the AAAC meetings throughout the year.

A motion was made that CUSF urge the Chancellor of the USM to take all action necessary to ensure the maintenance of academic standards and credibility in the awarding of degrees in the Criminal Justice master’s program at Coppin State College, and report back to CUSF prior to the June 2003 meeting.  The motion was defeated. 

CUSF urges the Chancellor of the USM immediately investigate the published allegations in the Chronicle of Higher Education (May 15th) as to irregularities in the awarding of degrees in the Criminal Justice master’s program at CSC and report to CUSF prior to the June meeting.  The motion passed.

Dr. Murray stated that Dr. Battle, President at CSC, would make an announcement this afternoon.

A question arose about the Governor’s Executive Order concerning all legal proceedings against state workers.  This issue needs to be addressed at another time

UB – A meeting will take place Monday, May 19th regarding the lack of shared governance taking place at the Merrick School of Business Faculty Senate.  Dr. Richardson will keep CUSF informed regarding the outcome. 

USM – Effectiveness and Efficiency Committee – Dr. Robertson asked CUSF members if there were individuals who would like to serve on the Committee.

Adjourn:  2:00 pm