Council of University System Faculty

CUSF Meeting of April 17, 2007

APRIL 17, 2007
Present: David Parker (Chair, SU), Martha Siegel (Past Chair, TU), E.W. Chapin (Vice Chair, UMES), John Collins (Secretary, UMBI), Bill Stuart (At-Large, UMCP), Alcott Arthur (CSU), Rahim Ashkeboussi (FSU), R. Michael Garner (SU), Paul Flexner (SU), Bobbi Adams (SU), Joyce Currie Little (TU), Jay Zimmerman (TU), Lee Richardson (UB), Fullbright Awardee Alan Lyles (UB), Steven Jacobs (UMB), Meg Johantgen (UMB), Julie Zito (UMB), Joyce Tenney  (UMBC), Dennis Coates (UMBC), Zane Berge (UMBC), Rosemary Jagus (UMBI), H. Rodger Harvey (UMCES), Vincent Brannigan (UMCP), Patricia Cossard (UMCP), Denny Gulick (UMCP), Emmanuel Onyeozili (UMES), Joyce Shirazi (UMUC), John Gustafson (UMUC), A. Delores James (UMUC)

Guests: Robert Bogolmolny, President of UB; Stephanie Gibson, UB alternate delegate; Irwin Goldstein, Senior Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, USM

President Bogolmolny welcomed the group at 10:15am and gave some remarks. He initiated a brief discussion of the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech.

Dr. Parker called the meeting to order at approximately 10:30am. He said that he wants to settle the 2007-2008 CUSF meeting schedule no later than May 16, the date of the next CUSF meeting at UMBC.

Dr. Brannigan announced that he is now an Emeritus Professor and that this would be his last CUSF meeting.

Dr. Goldstein began his System report at 10:35am. He said that the USM budget for this year was good, but next year will be very difficult because of looming deficits. It seems likely that Maryland State employees will receive a 2% COLA for FY08, with a possible merit pool of 2.5%. A threatened Program Duplication Bill was not enacted because the House and Senate had different versions that could not be reconciled. Various newly developing educational programs were introduced and discussed. Dr. Goldstein's report and a free-ranging discussion of various issues continued until 11:30am.

The minutes of the March 12 CUSF meeting at UMES were approved as submitted.

The following motion, proposed by Dr. Brannigan, was unanimously approved:

Chancellor Kirwan

Could you please transmit these thoughts to Virginia Tech:

The University of Maryland Council of University System faculty expresses its deep concern, solidarity, compassion and support for our colleagues and the students family and staff at Virginia Tech. The April 16 shooting is not just your tragedy, we are your neighbors and friends. We share a veterinary school. Words are never enough, but please look to us for any help or support we can give.

Resolution approved by CUSF April 17 2007

Dr. Parker called on Ms. Tenney and the other members of the Election Committee (Drs. Berge, Brannigan and Cossard) to conduct the elections for next year’s CUSF Executive Committee.

The candidates for Chair (Drs. Parker, Chapin and Collins) were each called upon to give a brief statement prior to the voting. John Collins (UMBI) was elected Chair by majority vote on the first ballot. In subsequent votes, Bill Stuart (UMCP) was elected Vice Chair and Joyce Shirazi (UMUC) was elected Secretary. Finally, Alcott Arthur (CSU) and Martha Siegel (TU) were elected to At-Large positions. The winners were all congratulated.

After a brief lunch break, there was a discussion on whether or not to hold the scheduled June 15 meeting at UMCES. Dr. Harvey advised that Friday traffic to the Eastern Shore would not be a problem because the meeting would start before most weekend drivers took to the road. It was agreed that the meeting would take place as scheduled, probably at the Horn Point Laboratory in Cambridge.

Dr. Siegel led a discussion on the future of the Complaint Review Committee.

Dr. Brannigan gave farewell remarks and was warmly applauded and thanked by the group for his many contributions to CUSF.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:30pm.