Council of University System Faculty

CUSF Meeting of June 9, 2008

Note: These are the original, unedited minutes, subject to revision and approval at the September 19, 2008 CUSF meeting.

CUSF General Body Meeting Minutes

Coppin State University, Dining Hall
Monday, June 9, 2008

CUSF Members Present (19): Joyce Shirazi (UMUC, Secretary), Deloris James (UMUC), Sharon Fratta-Hill (UMUC), Bill Chapin (UMES), Emmanuel Onyeozili (UMES), Joyce Currie Little (TU), Zane Berge (UMBC), John Collins (UMBI, Chair), Rosemary Jagus (UMBI), Rodger Harvey (UMCES), Alcott Arthur (CSU, At-Large), Paul Flexner (SU), Mike Garner (SU), Dave Parker (SU), Monika Gross (BSU), Joan Langdon (BSU), Rahim Ashkeboussi (FSU), Kim Rotruck (FSU), Gerry Wojnar (FSU)

Guests: Dr. Reginald S. Avery (CSU, President), Irv Goldstein (USM, Senior Vice Chancellor, Office of Academic Affairs), Joe Vivona (USM, Vice Chancellor, Office of Administration and Finance), Jim Sansbury (USM, Associate Vice Chancellor,

Call to Order

John Collins called the meeting to order at 10:00 am. Alcott Arthur introduced the President of Coppin State University, Dr. Reginald S. Avery, who welcomed CUSF to CSU.

USM Budget Report

John Collins introduced Joe Vivona, USM Vice Chancellor. Joe Vivona discussed the handout attached in Appendix I – University System of Maryland, Presentation to Council of University System Faculty. He noted that it will be very difficult to expand the tuition remission program. However, the government is forced to pay attention to what the legislature wants to do. Irv Goldstein noted that Hagerstown became an issue and that PJ Hogan’s organization of the faculty emails was very helpful. The fact that faculty from other institutions sent in emails was helpful. He added that although we may not feel it this year, perhaps we will the next year. Based on CUSF questions Joe Vivona added that the tuition freeze has served us well and that it is great politics for the universities. Yet, by law there is no tuition freeze. Tuition increases impact how much additional funding we get in Annapolis. Joe Vivona also noted that the legislature is current regarding the cost of going green. The budget increased by 2% per year for climate change costs. USM tries to convince the state to isolate enrollment growth. Isolated enhancements come through enrollment growth. There was also discussion about 10-month pay versus 12-month pay.

Faculty Benefits

John Collins introduced Jim Sansbury, who gave us a handout. The handout is attached as Appendix II – Draft Tuition Remission Survey Results - Dependents. Jim Sansbury asked CUSF if it is the feeling of the group that tuition remission should be unconditional. He added that if the dependents are under 24 years old, then there is no limit, however. Some of the CUSF comments were as follows: 1) the benefit seems to be going where it should be used; 2) by limiting it to the tax codes, we are limiting the benefits; 3) this policy is counter to part time work. There was also a question regarding the eligibility of children of retirees. Jim Sansbury responded that they are covered. Based on other questions from CUSF regarding the erosion of benefits over the last 10 years and if they will return, Jim Sansbury discussed the details. Jim Sansbury noted that he does not think that the benefits will ever come back the way they were, which was merely his opinion. However, regarding new healthcare for spouses, USM is trying to do something to address it. There is legislation from 2006 that is already drafted. They will consider making it a legislative priority. Mike Garner added that USM decides enrollment funding and that we have to more accurately project enrollment growth and project our budgets from that.



The May 2008 CUSF Meeting Minutes were approved.

CUSF Newsletter

Deloris James reported on the status and details the new CUSF newsletter. The newsletter wording regarding the CUSF website was discussed at length. John Collins presented a new paragraph about the CUSF website for insertion, instead of the paragraph presented by Deloris James. Emmanuel Onyeozili suggested that CUSF hire a webmaster. Dave Parker made a motion to use Deloris James’ current wording for the newsletter. Paul Flexner seconded, and CUSF voted to approve the motion to use Deloris James’ wording for the newsletter.

Bill Chapin made another motion to accept the newsletter as it is, and to leave other changes for the fall. Gerry Wojnar seconded the motion, and CUSF voted to approve the motion to accept the newsletter as it is and to leave other changes for the fall.

Other Business

Kim Rotruck thanked Rahim Ashkeboussi for his dedication to CUSF, as it was his last meeting. Joyce Currie Little spoke, as well, because it was her last CUSF meeting.

Bill Chapin presented John Collins with a gift from CUSF and thanked him for a wonderful year serving as the CUSF Chair.

Gavel Transfer

John Collins gave the gavel to Bill Chapin, the CUSF Chair-elect and John Collins noted that he will not call meetings this summer.


The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:00 pm.