Committees and Officers

2020-2021 Officers & Campus Point of Contacts


The Executive Committee is charged with managing the CUSS meeting agendas, assigning people to committees, charging committees with tasks, addressing staff concerns to/with the Chancellor, Regents, Legislators, and other interested parties.

The Benefits and Compensation Committee will review current compensation packages and proposals from Campuses, System, and State personnel offices, for both exempt and nonexempt staff. Review and comment on USM policy on slotting or classification of employees (including contract employees), levels of pay, classification schemes, pay ranges, merit pay proposals, COLA distribution proposals, etc. The Committee will also review current health benefit plans and proposed changes in benefits including Personal Leave, and all other non cash compensation packages.

The Communications Committee will develop means of conveying CUSS issues to various constituents: Exempt and Nonexempt Staff, Faculty, Students, Regents, Legislators, etc. The Committee will also develop formal and special features for the newsletter, oversee the CUSS website, and production of print and electronic media.

The Community Outreach & Recognition Committee facilitates the process of selecting the annual Board of Regents Staff Award recipients, in addition to assisting in the development of activities that provide for the professional and social development of staff at the University System of Maryland institutions.

The Legislative Affairs Committee will monitor the Maryland Legislative Sessions to identify USM-related bills, apprise CUSS of relevant issues, and propose responses when appropriate.


The Chair presides at all meetings of the Council and is responsible for supervision and execution of its business, and initiation of an annual goals statement. They serve as the chief liaison between the Council, the Chancellor, and the Board of Regents. They, or a designated alternate, attend all Chancellor's Council meetings, all Board of Regents meetings, and any other USM meeting where Staff employee representation is requested.

The Vice-Chair serves in the absence of the Chair and shall be responsible for other duties as assigned by the Council and/or Executive Committee.

The Secretary or Co-Secretaries keep the minutes and records of the Council and assume other duties as delegated by the Chair and/or the Executive Committee. Meetings may be recorded electronically.

The Immediate Past Chair serves as staff advisor to the Board of Regents for a period of not more than one year and shall continue to report back to the Council on Board activities. If the Immediate Past Chair is unable to serve, a designee of the Council shall serve in this capacity.