USM Institutional Research Annual Reports

The USM Office of Institutional Research produces annual reports using systemwide data.  Some of these reports are available on the web.  To access these reports, click below. Please contact Chad Muntz Director of Institutional Research for current information.

Fall Reports


Fall 2017 Preliminary Opening Enrollment and FY 2018 FTE Estimate PDF Format 

Faculty Workload Report 2016 PDF Format



Spring Reports


Retention and Graduation Rates of First-Time Full-time Degree-seeking Undergraduates 2017 PDF Format

SAT Report Fall 2017 PDF Format

Transfer Students to the USM:  Patterns of Enrollment and Success FY 2017 PDF Format


Enrollment Projections: Fall 2016 - FY 2026 PDF Format

USM Dashboard Indicators 2015  PDF Format

For additional information regarding the Dashboard Indicators, please contact Ben Passmore




Most Recent Version of Past Financial Aid Reports

Financial Aid Report:  FY 2004 - 2011 PDF Format

Financial Aid Report Data Update:  FY 2004 - 2013 PDF Format


FY 2014 Final Financial Aid Recommendations: Student Financial Assistance Report PDF Format






Additional Reports will be added as they become available.

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For additional USM data, suggestions, or comments on our website, please contact Chad Muntz