University System of Maryland

         Job Class Specification

TITLE: GRAPHIC ARTIST II                       JOB CODE: N09GR2
FLSA: NONEXEMPT                                JOB TYPE: SYSTEMWIDE
EEO6:  H50                                     JOB FAMILY/SERIES: ART VIS 
IPED-SOC: 27-1024
APPROVED BY: Chancellor Donald N. Langenberg  EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/1996


Under general supervision, performs moderaterly complex assignments pertaining to graphic production and presentation of instructional, informational and promotional projects. Assists in analyzing project objectives and determines graphic and production requirements. Creates illustrations and typography for visual communications media.


1. Reviews layout, sketches of proposed illustrations and related materials with the client and determines style, techniques and medium best suited to produce desired effects. Coordinates project from conception to completion.

2. Formulates concept and creates illustration and detail from models, sketches, memory and imagination. Creates illustrations and details by drawings, sketching, lettering or by means of computer graphic systems.

3. Performs production activities such as compostion, layout, and paste-up.

4. Designs, prepares or assembles models, three dimensional exhibits and displays.

5. Ensures adequate supplies, materials and equipment are maintained.

Note: The intent of this list of primary duties is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities of this job. Incumbents perform other related duties assigned. Specific duties and responsibilities may vary based upon departmental needs.


EDUCATION: Bachelors degree in art, graphic design or illustration.

EXPERIENCE: Two years progressively responsible experience as a graphic artist.


General knowledge of graphic design, illustrative procedures and the application of visual design to print and multimedia; of printing, typography and other graphic production processes; of art reproduction methods, of layout and design of publications. Skill in drawing, sketching, lettering, painting and preparing exhibits and displays, in operating standard graphic equipment, drawing and drafting materials and instruments. Ability to coordinate graphics design projects; to understand and to interpret information in a visual manner; to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; to operate computer graphic systems and software.

OTHER: Except for qualifications established by law, additional related experience and formal education in which one has gained the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for full performance of the work of the job class may be substituted for the education or experience requirement on a year-for-year basis with 30 college credits being equivalent to one year of experience.


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