University System of Maryland

         Job Class Specification

FLSA: NONEXEMPT                                JOB TYPE: SYSTEMWIDE
EEO6:  H50                                     JOB FAMILY/SERIES: AGR     
IPED-SOC: 19-4011
APPROVED BY: Chancellor Donald N. Langenberg  EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/1996


Under general supervision, functions as a lead agricultural technician and performs moderately complex biological or agricultural tests, examinations and processes. Performs manual activities in the care of animals and crops.


1. Leads and trains subordinate personnel in the performance of laboratory and field activities in accordance with experimental protocol; assists in determining work priorities, schedules, and work assignments.

2. Provides research support including recommending research protocols, performing examinations and processes following general instructions, monitoring the activity of crops and animals and documenting research findings and results.

3. Acts as a liaison with the general public; prepares and presents agricultural demonstrations; responds to inquiries and requests which do not require specialized scientific knowledge or expertise.

4. Prepares and presents instructional presentations in the field and laboratory.

5. Prepares reports and analyses and maintains automated and/or manual recordkeeping systems pertaining to experimentation, research and animal care.

6. Operates farm machinery including tractors, plows, mowers, combines, balers, and hand tools.

7. Operates laboratory equipment such as spectrometers, nitrogen determination apparatus, centrifuges, and PH meters.

8. Performs routine maintenance/repairs on agricultural facilities, equipment and tools to ensure operational readiness, safety, and cleanliness.

9. Performs the manual duties of an Agricultural Technician.

Note: The intent of this list of primary duties is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities of this job. Incumbents perform other related duties assigned. Specific duties and responsibilities may vary based upon departmental needs.


EDUCATION: High School Diploma or GED

EXPERIENCE: Three years on agricultural research utilizing scientific methods.

OTHER: Valid Maryland Noncommercial Class C or equivalent driver's license.


Comprehensive knowledge of farming practices and equipment usage. Thorough knowledge of and ability to use scientific methods and related laboratory equipment in agricultural research. Thorough knowledge of mathematics including algebra, area, volume, weights, measures, and proportions and ability to perform mathematical calculations. Thorough knowledge and skill in the use of farm equipment. Ability to provide guidance and training to agricultural technicians and workers; to use computers; to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; to lift and transport agricultural supplies, tools, and equipment, to climb, and to perform extensive standing and walking; to work in extreme weather conditions; to wear and work in personal protective equipment.

OTHER: Except for qualifications established by law, additional related experience and formal education in which one has gained the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for full performance of the work of the job class may be substituted for the education or experience requirement on a year-for-year basis with 30 college credits being equivalent to one year of experience.


Valid Commercial Driver's License (CDL) or Maryland Noncommercial Class B or equivalent driver's license may be required. If required to obtain a Commercial Driver's License, employees will be subjected to drug and alcohol education and testing as required under Federal Highway Administration and the State of Maryland regulations. Certification by the Maryland Department of Agriculture as a pesticide applicator may be required. Candidates selected for employment may be subject to medical inquiries and/or medical examinations to determine ability to perform the job.

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