(Approved by the Board of Regents, November 30, 1989)
        Under certain conditions the President or designee may
  grant a faculty member leave of absence without pay.  A primary
  consideration in award of leave without pay is that it shall not
  substantially disrupt the academic program or unit of which the
  faculty member is part.  Leave of absence without pay ordinarily
  shall be granted if the purpose of the leave is to advance the
  institution's mission of teaching, research, and service or to
  enhance the ability of the individual to support that mission.
  Leave without pay may also be granted for personal or health
  reasons.  In no case shall a leave without pay extend beyond the
  termination of the individual's term of employment.
        The following conditions apply to leave without pay:
  1.    To be eligible for leave of absence without pay, a faculty
        member must be employed on a continuing or term contract
        and must normally have been employed for at least two
        semesters or twelve months prior to the beginning of the
        proposed leave. Continuation of employment of the
        individual upon termination of the leave without pay must
        be the expectation.
  2.    A leave without pay is ordinarily granted for no more than
        one full year.
  3.    Unless the President or designee stipulates otherwise, the
        period of leave without pay shall not be counted as service
        toward the faculty member's eligibility for sabbatical
  4.    A faculty member on leave without pay may continue to
        participate in retirement, medical and health programs, and
        other benefit programs only to the extent and under such
        conditions as are permitted by each such program.  Unless
        the President or designee stipulates otherwise, any costs
        of such participation in benefits during a leave without
        pay shall be borne by the faculty member.
        Each institution shall develop procedures and guidelines
  for the implementation of this policy; such procedures and
  guidelines shall be filed with the office of the Chancellor.
  Replacement for:  BOR III-10.00, 10.01, 10.02; and BOT VII-G.2