(Approved by the Board of Regents, April 26, 1990)
  I.   Degree and Other Formal Award Requirements
            The primary responsibility for the development of curriculum
            and of degree requirements resides in the faculty and
            administration of an institution with final internal
            approval by the President.
            A.   Each institution shall establish its requirements for
                 the conferring of baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral
                 degrees and for certificates at any level.  These
                 requirements shall at least meet MHEC minimum
            B.   Curricular specializations that do not qualify as areas
                 of concentration, and do not lead to the award of
                 certificates, may be developed within the institution
                 and are approved by the President or designee.
  II.       Board of Regents and MHEC Approval of Academic Programs
            In accord with the annotated code of Maryland, new degree-
            granting programs, certificate programs, substantial
            modifications of existing programs or programs offered at a
            new site, require the approval of the Board of Regents and
            the approval of the Maryland Higher Education Commission
            Major modifications of the general education requirements,
            as well as suspension, curtailment, or discontinuance of
            programs shall be submitted to the Chancellor for approval.
            Prospectuses and program proposals forwarded for
            consideration by the Board of Regents and the Maryland
            Higher Education Commission must be in conformance with the
            procedures and format as published in the most current
            University of Maryland System Academic Program Development
            Procedures and the Policies and Procedures for Academic
            Program Proposals of the Maryland Higher Education
  Replacement for:  BOR  I-7.00 and
                    BOT  II-D.1, XI-A, XI-B, XI-C, XI-D, and XI-G