ICC Meeting of May 4, 2001

ICC Meeting of May 4, 2001

Admissions Working Group

The Admissions Group discussed the make up of the Admissions Policy Review
Committee and the issues to be discussed. I will keep the ICC Admissions
Group informed of the committee's actions and discussions. Issues will
include MSDE assessment program, American Sign Language as a foreign
language, Affirmative Action policies, SAT issues and Out-of- state issues.

We discussed opinions on the use of the SAT as feedback for the policy

There is an Admissions conflict with the dates for the fall ICC retreat. It
is the same as NACAC Conference. Several members plan to attend the NACAC
conference as it is one of our national professional organizations.

We discussed the Race/Ethnicity coding update to clarify dates of
implementation. Clarification of race and ethnicity codes are needed by
spring 2002 to include in applications for the entering class 2003.
Modifications to data bases will also need to be made by then for coding

Discussion regarding the residency forms for the application was discussed
and then tabled until 11:30 when other groups joined the discussion.

Seeing that there were no other nominations for chair and that I will be on
the Admissions Policy Review committee, I volunteered for another term as

Submitted by,

Louise Shulack
Chair of the Admissions Group of ICC