Admissions Group

ICC Meeting



  1. Electronic transcripts were briefly discussed. This affected Admissions only as a receiving institution, therefore, reasons why so few schools were sending electronic transcripts could not be addressed. The primary concern was that Advanced Placement credit when awarded was not showing if and/or how it was being used toward fulfilling General Education requirements at the sending institution.
  2. Electronic applications held the largest portion of our discussion. Some institutions rely on the USM electronic application as their only version of an on-line source of application for students. All were reminded of the agreement to accept the application when received, and to the basic concept/philosophy from the student perspective of ease of application to multiple USM schools.
  3. Pat Kramer and Bill Ruiz met with the group and Pat requested that each school send a paper version of our applications and she would try individual formats of printing out the application, so that the print out would look more like our paper versions to ease data entry.

  4. Frequency of meetings was discussed with the recommmendation that ICC meetings be reduced by one for any current year. It was felt that four times a year is one too many, and that three would be sufficient. We suggest that the annual retreat be in September, a winter meeting in February and then the spring meeting in May.
  5. Election of new chair was conducted. Shingirai Chanaiwa, Director of Admissions at Bowie, graciously volunteered to be the new chair of the Admissions Group.




Louise Shulack

Towson University