ICC Minutes--Records Group

ICC Minutes--Records Group

November 30, 2001

--Collaborative Programs --Group met jointly with Admissions and Financial Aid to discuss the impact and pertinent issues involved with establishing joint/collaborative programs. It was agreed that these programs require extensive communication between the participating institutions and clear information must be provided to students about the programs. One very important issue involves the handling of scholarships/other financial aid and the funding of scholarships -- particularly institutionally based (program based, etc) so that students are not financially disadvantaged by their participation in these programs.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for each program should include all the details required to implement and administer the programs.

MOU's (and their development) should be available for institutions at the earliest possible time to allow involved units to provide input into the process.

We recommended that UMS provide an MOU template so that MOUs for all future programs could include certain required elements.

We agreed to provide Teri Hollander with some example MOU's.

--2004-2005 Academic Calendar -- Proposed calendar suggestions were distributed and a great deal of discussion ensued. The issue about whether there were sufficient days to allow for a Fall semester 3day Thanksgiving Break was discussed. It was agreed that this would require further discussion at the AAAC level. The group was able to agree on start/end dates for Fall 2004 and Spring 2005.

--Academic Dismissal Policy -- A poll was taken of institutional policies and we learned there was great variation among the institutions. Bowie is in the process of evaluating their academic dismissal policy so the information was helpful to Charlene.

--Academic Dishonesty Codes -applicability to InterinstitutionalEnrollment -- It was agreed that the policy at the institution offering the course would prevail with notification to the student's home institution about the situation. Towson agreed to send copy of the wording they use.

--Peoplesoft Implementation -- College Park will not be implementing Peoplesoft. There was some discussion about the implementation at other campuses which in general is going well.