Institutional Research and Publicly Available Data for Credit-Based Enrollment Management

University System of Maryland leverages a plethora of Institutional Research Mandated Reporting exchanges to provide a more complete picture of enrollment across the University System of Maryland. Many of these resources are included in the USMO Institutional Research, Data, and Analytics for Decisions Support and as a single source of truth.

The following is a list of resources available to stakeholders and university administrators to better understand credit-based, degree-seeking enrollment and student success.

USM Resources

IRIS is the Institutional Research Information System. It leverages state and federal reporting into a single resource available for all stakeholders. Organized by topic, it provides USM institutional data for:

Board of Regents Annual Reports

USM IRDA Reports

Maryland Higher Education Commision Resources

The Maryland Higher Education Commission requires certain data and reports to be sent by the institution as required in Maryland Statute.

Maryland Longitudinal Data System Resources

The Maryland Longitudinal Data System connects MHEC data to MSDE and Labor (e.g., Wage) data. Here, one can find reports about college participation and workforce outcomes.

Federal Resources

The Department of Education requires institutions of higher education to provide data. In Maryland, the MHEC data use the same definitions and help feed the IPEDS system. In addition, other data collected by the Department of Education are also hosted.

Association Resources

A variety of higher education associations and organizations leverage data or create data products that benefit institutions. For the purposes of planning or comparing enrollment, the following associations provide information about student enrollment patterns as well as future demand.

USM Institutional Enrollment Resources

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