University System of Maryland

         Job Class Specification

FLSA: NONEXEMPT                                JOB TYPE: SYSTEMWIDE
EEO6:  H50                                     JOB FAMILY/SERIES: PHP MNT 
IPED-SOC: 37-2021
APPROVED BY: Chancellor Donald N. Langenberg  EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/1996


Under general supervision, evaluates and controls pests problems in buildings and surrounding grounds. Provides technical assistance and advice regarding pest control.


1. Responds to complaints and inquiries regarding indoor and outdoor pest problems. Resolves complaints, identifying the causes of the problem and working with appropriate personnel to ensure a practical solution.

2. Determines infested areas and the degree of infestation by visual survey.

3. Operates a variety of equipment such as: microscopes, sprayers and hand and power tools. May be required to operate hydraulic or aerial lift trucks.

4. Calculates the dilutions of pesticides and mixes. Ensures proper storage of chemicals according to rules and regulations.

5. Controls pests using biological, chemical, and mechanical methods.

6. Performs minor maintenance to prohibit pests from entering buildings, e.g. caulking; coordinates with other departments to assist with pest control.

7. Orders supplies, materials, and equipment for the department; initiates purchasing documentation.

8. Evaluates treatment results and prepares a variety of reports. Prepares all documentation to meet applicable requirements.

Note: The intent of this list of primary duties is to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities of this job. Incumbents perform other related duties assigned. Specific duties and responsibilities may vary based upon departmental needs.


EDUCATION: High School Diploma or GED.

EXPERIENCE: Five years performing a pest control program for an interior or exterior environment.

OTHER: Certification as a Pest Control Applicator


Thorough knowledge of pest taxonomy and pest biology; of pesticide selection and use; of methods and techniques of pest management. General knowledge of applicable safety rules and regulations related to pest control. Skill in calculating percentages to correctly dilute pesticides; in using appropriate pest control equipment; in communicating orally and in writing. Ability to wear and work in personal protective equipment; to work in, on, around, over and under fixed equipment and machinery; to manipulate heavy equipment, tools and supplies and/or exert force up to 70 lbs.; to concurrently manipulate multiple controls on equipment and machinery; to work from ladders, scaffolding, and heights up to 35 feet; to work in hazardous or irritating environments; confined spaces, and adverse weather and temperature conditions; to wear and work in personal protective equipment and respirators.

OTHER: Except for qualifications established by law, additional related experience and formal education in which one has gained the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for full performance of the work of the job class may be substituted for the education or experience requirement on a year-for-year basis with 30 college credits being equivalent to one year of experience.


Candidates selected for employment may be subject to medical inquiries and/or medical examinations to determine ability to perform the job. Valid Maryland Non-Commercial Class C or equivalent driver's license may be required.

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