Dave Mosca

Vice Chancellor for Accountability

Picture of USM Vice Chancellor for Accountability Dave Mosca

Dave Mosca has directed the USM’s Office of Internal Audit since 2005, working to ensure that the System and the Board of Regents are accountable to the students and employees of the USM, to state leaders, and to the citizens whose taxes support our enterprise. Mr. Mosca and his staff evaluate risk management strategies, internal controls, compliance activity, and governance processes. In addition to traditional audit coverage, they conduct fraud investigations, provide financial and cybersecurity support, and perform a number of consulting services. 

In his capacity as director of Internal Audit, Mr. Mosca also serves as the USM’s chief accountability officer. Within the governance structure of USM, transparency and accountability are vitally important. As a public entity, it is imperative that our constituents—internal and external—know that our decisions and our actions are executed in good faith.

To further underscore this commitment to transparency, in July 2022 Chancellor Jay Perman upgraded the position and title to better reflect the critical nature of accountability as a core value of the university system.  Now serving as vice chancellor for accountability, Mr. Mosca provides regular oversight to the System, the Chancellor, and the Regents.

Dave graduated with degrees in accounting and management from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania in 1990.