USM Strategic Plan
Powering Maryland Forward: USM's 2020 Plan for More Degrees, a Stronger Innovation Economy, a Higher Quality of Life" presents what the University System of Maryland can and ought to be in the year 2020. The plan identifies challenges the USM faces in realizing the plan and articulates specific, measurable strategies USM institutions must undertake in order to succeed.

IRIS is an online data visualization and analytics tool that provides information about the University System of Maryland (USM) and its institutions. IRIS provides interactive dashboards and data journals for information on students, degrees, personnel, application, financial aid, etc. All data are provided by the institutions in accordance to the legislatively mandated reporting requirements by the state of Maryland and the Federal Government.

Data Journal
The USM Data Journal provides statistics on students, degrees, personnel, financial and other miscellaneous information for the University System of Maryland and our 12 member institutions.

Annual USM Reports
The USM Office produces reports annually on issues of interest to the general public and for its member institutions. A sample of topics include: dashboard indicators, faculty workload, enrollment and financial aid.

Annual USM Financial Reports
Site includes link to USM Financial Statements & Supplemental Schedules (annual financial audit report) and the State of Maryland Single Audit Report with Reports of Independent Auditors.

Annual Academic & Student Affairs Reports
The USM Office of Academic Affairs facilitates the production of annual reports on academic and student affairs issues of interest to the public and its member institutions.

Financial Health and Debt Capacity Information
Site includes annual Financial Snapshot and Financial Dashboards.