Eligible Staff employees

  • Nominee must be a Staff employee of the University System of Maryland community, including all Staff employees on Regular and Contingent II status.
  • Nominee must have been employed for at least five (5) consecutive years.
  • Nomination must be made with the knowledge and consent of the nominee.

CEOs (Chancellor and Presidents) and Officers (Vice-Chancellors, Vice-Presidents, Provosts and Deans performing an administrative function) are not eligible.

Note: Although commendable, length of service and performance of normal duties do not weigh heavily in deliberations.

Nomination Package

A nomination package should be generated for each individual that includes the following documents, organized in the order listed:

1. Nomination Cover Sheet - a cover sheet must be completed and signed. Please do not change the format of the cover sheet.

2. Nomination Letter - the letter shall state the category for which the staff employee is being nominated and give testimony of exemplary performance in that category.

3. Position Description or position description from supervisor. Position descriptions should include the purpose of the position and associated duties.

4. Letters of Recommendation - include three (3) one-page letters of recommendation that discuss what makes this individual exceptional. Recommendations are welcomed from persons external, as well as internal, to the institution and should include information on how to contact the author. Letters must be in support of the candidate's activities as they relate to the category for which he/she is being nominated. Printed emailed letters are acceptable.

5. Optional Supporting Materials -any additional materials (e.g., articles, awards, recognitions) that the nominee may feel reflects accomplishments that are relevant to the award category, not to exceed ten (10) pages.

Submission of Packages

Email one electronic (PDF preferred) copy of each nomination package to Please mark the subject line as "BOR Award Nomination." Please limit the nomination packages to the requested relevant materials. More is not necessarily better.

It is not the intention of the Board of Regents University System of Maryland Staff Awards Review Committee to require excessive documentation. However, nominations must contain sufficient material to acquaint the Awards Review Committee with the nature and quality of the individual's achievements.

Selection Process

The CUSS BOR Staff Awards Review Committee will review nomination packages and submit recommendations for awards to the Board of Regents in January 2013. Winners will be announced in early summer with a formal presentation of the award recipients by the Board of Regents in early Fall 2013.

Documents of Interest:

BOR Staff Awards Nomination Package 2014 - 2015 (pdf)