Diversity Network Mission Statement

The 12-institution University System of Maryland Diversity Network was established in 1995 to serve as a catalyst to promote a greater awareness of and appreciation for diversity. Today, the Diversity Network works collaboratively with the administration of the USM institutions to meet the increasingly difficult challenges of a diverse world. The foundation of the USM Diversity Network's mission rests upon recognition that diversity must be an institutional priority with accountability measures. The Diversity Network will support the goals of University System of Maryland institutions to:

  • Develop proactive measures to ensure equal opportunity in education and employment;
  • Promote an inclusive USM community grounded in respect for each individual;
  • Foster welcoming campus environments;
  • Provide learning opportunities to expand diversity awareness and understanding; and
  • Educate students, faculty, staff and external community about the value of diversity and its importance to the attainment of excellence.
  • Submit progress reports on programs of cultural diversity to the Board of Regents.