Associate of Arts in Teaching Oversight Council

In 2002 the K-16 Leadership Council established a Secondary AAT Oversight Council. This Oversight Council was charged with overseeing the development and implementation of the Secondary AAT. Members of this Oversight Council consist of: three arts and sciences deans or vice presidents and one education director from the Maryland Association of Directors of Teacher Education at Community Colleges (MADTECC) to represent the two-year public colleges; one provost, two arts and sciences deans and one education dean from the USM institutions; one provost or arts and sciences dean and the education dean from Morgan State University and from St. Mary's College of Maryland; one provost or arts and sciences dean and one education dean from an independent institution; four school/LEA-based K-12 curriculum specialists; and one representative from each of the following: the University System of Maryland (USM), the Maryland Association of Community Colleges (MACC), the Maryland Independent College and University Association (MICUA), the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), and the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC).

By December 2002, the Secondary AAT Oversight Council identified the membership of the Faculty Discipline Committees and convened these Committees to achieve a Secondary AAT program for the following discipline areas: biology, chemistry, computer science, earth and space sciences, English, mathematics, Spanish and physics. The Secondary AAT for these discipline areas is uniform in content at all community colleges. A report on the expected outcomes was submitted to the K-16 Leadership Council in June 2003; the expected outcomes are to:

  • Expand and enhance to the extent necessary structure(s) for content area faculty to oversee development and implementation of the disciplinary aspect of the AAT secondary education degrees.
  • Expand and enhance to the extent necessary the group of both Arts and Sciences, TEAC members, and education faculty to work with the disciplinary bodies to oversee development and quality control of the AAT degree.
  • Implement fully articulated and seamless transfer programs without further review for community college students seeking secondary education degrees and credentials at four-year institutions.
  • Implement fully transferable courses and outcomes in each of the academic content areas.
  • Increase the potential supply of secondary education students and teachers.

Students earning the degree option would meet all requirements for transfer to the corresponding baccalaureate secondary teacher education program without further review by Maryland public and private four-year institutions. Without further review means that once a student is admitted, the receiving institution will not conduct course-by-course review since the approved outcomes for the AAT-Secondary Education degree are incorporated in the lower-division courses offered by the community college and aligned with the lower-division requirements at the four-year institution. Community college students would need to meet the same degree requirements as native students at the receiving institution; however, where possible, a transfer student would not be required to take more credits toward a particular degree than a native student. At least half of the credits for the degree will be taken at the four-year institution.

In November of 2002, the K-16 Leadership Council (now the Governor's P-20 Council) established and charged the Secondary AAT Oversight Council with maintaining an ongoing group of two-year and four-year discipline faculty in each Secondary AAT degree area to meet on a regular basis to make certain that in the future new courses or course changes remain consistent with the Secondary AAT expectations and commitments. The AAT Oversight Council meets four times a year to address any issues or changes with AAT degrees and to discuss possibilities for new AATs.


2008-2011 Schedule of Meetings


2011 Meetings
January 5, 2011
March 31, 2011

2010 Meetings
February 23, 2010
October 7, 2010

2009 Meetings
February 12, 2009
April 7, 2009
October 7, 2009
December 7, 2009

2008 Meetings
December 10, 2008
October 7, 2008

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